Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Primary Reading

Melissa Wincel (Grades K–2)

  • Repeated practice boosts basic reading skills!
  • Transform pre-reading skills into an interactive game that students love!
  • Quiz cards are also great for other engaging structures including Fan-N-Pick, Showdown, and RallyQuiz.
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Help your little ones acquire the basic skills they need to read using Quiz-Quiz-Trade. This interactive structure has students quizzing each other on a range of early reading skills. Students each receive a quiz card to quiz a partner. In the Syllables set, students clap or tap out the number of syllables they hear when they say the name of the item pictured on the card: al-li-ga-tor. Four syllables! There are sets for sounding out beginning sounds, middle sounds, and ending sounds. There's a set on building CVC words. There's a set for blending the sounds of the letters to read words: sh-ar-k. Using these 15 sets, students progress from simple skills to reading simple sentences to combining simple sentences. 232 pages.

Quiz-Quiz-Trade is a student favorite! This Kagan Structure turns need-to-know reading curriculum into a fun and interactive quizzing game. The repeated practice boosts retention of the content.

Card sets in this book...

  • Stomp Those Syllables!
  • Tune Up Your Ears!
  • Rhythm of Rhyming
  • Bravo! Beginning Sounds
  • Middle Sound Mania
  • Encore! Ending Sounds
  • Contraction Action
  • Letters, Letters, Everywhere!
  • Building CVC Words
  • Blend It!
  • Listen Up! Long Vowel Sounds
  • I Can Read!
  • Combining Simple Sentences
  • Similar Meanings
  • Identifying Sentence Parts
    Subject & Predicate Noun, Verb & Adjective

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