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Brain-Friendly Teaching Structures MiniBook

Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)

  • The MiniBook version of the best seller, Brain-Friendly Teaching
  • Discover the 6 principles of brain-friendly teaching
  • Align your teaching with how the brain best learns
  • Includes tools, tips, and structures to teach the brain-friendly way
BKMBB • $14
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Students learn better and retain more when teaching is aligned with the way the brain best learns. This MiniBook provides an overview of Dr. Kagan’s bestselling book, Brain-Friendly Teaching. The book summarizes the six research-based principles of brain-friendly teaching. For each principle we learn the rationale, receive a thumbnail sketch of the tools to implement the principle, then explore one principle in depth. For example, for Principle 4: Emotion, we learn how eliciting emotion while teaching improves students’ cognition and memory; we receive a thumbnail sketch of six practical tools to elicit emotion in your classroom; and then Dr. Kagan explores Eliciting Positive Emotion (one tool) in depth. If you’re looking for a comprehensive reference, opt for the original book. If you’re looking for a condensed version to get the big picture in a little book, this is great option. 200 pages. 5" x 7" MiniBook.

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