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Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences 1 | 2
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The Dramatically Different Classroom
MI Activities Across the Curriculum

Christine Laitta & Mark Weakland (All Grades)
Awaken the Einsteins, Hepburns, and Shakespeares within your class! Multiple intelligences theory teaches us that students have different interests, different abilities, and learn differently. Spanning the intelligences, these 100 plus activities are designed to release the hidden genius in students with all intelligences, especially those who learn through movement and music. You'll love these innovative ways to present your everyday curriculum including: Character Monologues, Wax Museum, Math Theater, and Soaring Through the Solar System. Your mathematics, language arts, science and health, and social studies come alive through creative dramatics. Learning is more engaging for all students, and definitely more memorable. Includes terrific classbuilders and energizing brain breaks. Make a dramatic difference in your classroom! 216 pages.
BLWDD • $29
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Multiple Intelligences Poster Set
(All Grades)
Celebrate Multiple Intelligences! At Kagan's Multiple Intelligences professional development events, we post MI icons on the wall to visually depict the eight intelligences. We've had so many participants ask, "Where can I get those posters? Are they for sale?" By popular demand, they're now available. The MI poster set includes nine, colorful, 11" x 17" posters on durable poster paper. There's a poster for each of the eight intelligences, plus "Many ways to be smart," which shows all the intelligences on one poster. Use the posters to create an MI bulletin board. Place the "Picture Smart" poster over your art center. Use the posters as visual aids as you teach your students about the multiple intelligences. These posters will simultaneously brighten your classroom and validate your students' many ways of being smart.
PMI • $10

Multiple Intelligences Activity Spinner Combo
Stretch your students' intelligences in many ways with the Multiple Intelligences Spinner! Use this little gem of a spinner to give your students many windows into any topic you're studying. Randomly selects one of eight MI activities you can use with just about any learning topic. Includes dozens more alternate MI activity ideas on the back. Great for MI learning centers, MI team projects, or MI sponge activities. These involving activities will make your classroom burst with energy as you match, stretch, and celebrate your students' many ways of being smart! Combo includes eight spinners.
Regular price $24. Combo price $16 • CMSMI Save $8!

Individual Multiple Intelligences Activity Spinner MSMI • $3

Multiple Intelligences Transparency Slideshow
The perfect multiple intelligences training tool! Integrate the verbal, visual, and musical intelligences as you make multiple intelligences theory come alive for your participants. The best thing about this training binder is that it makes introducing or reviewing MI so easy—the slideshow virtually runs itself. Just dim the lights, put on some soothing background music, take a seat by the overhead projector, and lead your participants through the MI show—a sequenced set of 35 colorful transparencies. Your participants will delight in the visuals, learn about the many facets of each intelligence, contemplate the insightful quotes, and chuckle at the humorous MI classroom cartoons. Let Kagan do the work for you. Your participants will love it! Make this proven successful training piece a part of your training. You may also use the individual transparencies separately as you train MI. 35 colorful transparencies. NMITS • $95

Multiple Intelligence Approaches to Assessment
Solving the Assessment Conundrum

David Lazear (All Grades)
We know that students possess multiple intelligences, yet we assess them on only one. This guide outlines the multiple intelligences approach to assessment and provides hundreds of practical ideas to make restructuring the assessment process a reality. 205 pages. DLMIA • $43

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Multiple Intelligences Structures & Activities Book
Laurie Kagan, Illustrated by Celso Rodriguez (All Grades)
Stretch your students' many ways of being smart! If you want to make multiple intelligences theory a reality in your classroom, here's your activity guidebook. This book will help you make multiple intelligences come alive in your classroom. It features 10 easy-to-use, use-again structures that engage and develop your students' multiple intelligences. Each structure has numerous fun and creative reproducible blackline activities, nearly 200 in all! Your students will be sequencing, sharing, solving problems, singing, lining up, comparing, drawing, writing, cooperating, and taking imaginary guided trips. Also includes easy-to-understand descriptions and indicators for each intelligence to share with your students. A terrific resource for teachers to help students learn in many ways, and to make learning much more engaging. 280 pages.
BKCMI • $29
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Multiple Intelligences 1 | 2