Multiple Intelligences

Structures & Activities

Laurie Kagan, Illustrated by Celso Rodriguez (All Grades)

  • 10 Step-by-step Multiple Intelligences Structures designed to engage all students.
  • 193 innovative reproducible blackline masters.
  • 97 ready-to-use Multiple Intelligences activities.
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Stretch your students' many ways of being smart! If you want to make multiple intelligences theory a reality in your classroom, here's your activity guidebook. This book will help you make multiple intelligences come alive in your classroom. It features 10 easy-to-use, use-again structures that engage and develop your students' multiple intelligences. Each structure has numerous fun and creative reproducible blackline activities, nearly 200 in all! Your students will be sequencing, sharing, solving problems, singing, lining up, comparing, drawing, writing, cooperating, and taking imaginary guided trips. Also includes easy-to-understand descriptions and indicators for each intelligence to share with your students. A terrific resource for teachers to help students learn in many ways, and to make learning much more engaging. 280 pages.

Includes 10 MI Structures to Stretch
Your Students' Multiple Intelligences

• Blind Sequencing
• Jigsaw Problem Solving
• Draw A Gambit
• Logic Line-Ups
• Draw What I Write
• 97 Ready-To-Use MI Activities!

• Lyrical Lessons
• Fan-N-Pick
• Same-Different
• Guided Imagery
• Sequencing
• 193 Innovative Blackline Masters!

Sample Pages
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Table of Contents

Sample Activities

Christopher Columbus
MI Structure: Lyrical Lessons

Product Reviews

Friendly, not stuffy!! Well organized, not confusing! Easy, not hard! Should I go on?

This book is the book to FINALLY tell me HOW to teach with multiple intelligences in mind in my classroom. We have all known for years that we learn in different ways. FINALLY, someone wrote a book to show me HOW to teach in different ways.

The Guided Imagery selection on the Underground Railroad had me and the students in tears. It is pretty hard to get some of my kids to be serious but when we did this guided imagery, I think they really felt what it must have been like to be a slave faced with the decision to leave everything they knew for freedom. POWERFUL is the word! I can't wait to do the one on the Hearty Voyage!

The Fan-N-Pick cards are great for teambuilding! I have even used them as points of discussion in my own family as we sit around the dinner table each night! One card is all it takes to get my family to having REAL conversations. Last night we discussed the bravest thing we had ever done in our lives. My 6 year old told a charming story about the monster in her closet and how she decided to "face" that monster!

Thanks again for a great book, Laurie Kagan!

Kagan successfully shows how Multiple Intelligences can be taught through cooperative structures. This book showed me how to include MI activities without drastically changing how I already teach.
—Mariberth Dann MO, USA