Multiple Intelligences

The Complete MI Book

Dr. Spencer Kagan & Miguel Kagan (All Grades)

  • Designed and organized to reinforce Algebra concepts!
  • Students are actively engaged so they retain more, and achievement goes up!
  • By celebrated Math author, Becky Bride.
  • Includes exploratory activities that have students discover concepts and remember them!
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If you're looking for one book on multiple intelligences—this is it! This book is the single most comprehensive MI book available. This resource is your blueprint for matching, stretching, and celebrating your students' multiple intelligences. Move beyond theory and make MI come alive in your classroom—this book will show you how! You will promote academic success for all your students by using fun and easy MI strategies that match how all students learn best. Stretch your students' multiple intelligences. Help students build on their strengths to become smarter in many ways. Create a supportive learning environment in which students are appreciated for their multiple intelligences and celebrated for their uniqueness among classmates. Features over 160 MI strategies you won't find in any other MI book. You will use these easy-to-master MI strategies to make any lesson accessible to all intelligences, while developing and celebrating the unique pattern of intelligences of each student! This is the ultimate resource for translating enthusiasm about the multiple intelligences theory into successful everyday classroom practice! 720 pages.

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Table of Contents (Text Version)

The Visions

Chapter 1: A Peek Preview
Chapter 2: Three Visions for Education: Matching, Stretching, and Celebratin g MI

The Intelligences

Chapter 3: What is an Intelligence?
Chapter 4: The Eight Intelligences
Chapter 5: Are There Other Intelligences?
Chapter 6: Smart In Many Ways

Matching Intelligences

Chapter 7: MI Instructional Strategies
Chapter 8: Activities to Match Intelligences Stretching Intelligences

Stretching Intelligences

Chapter 9: Developing the Multiple Intelligences
Chapter 10: Activities to Stretch Intelligences

Celebrating Intelligences

Chapter 11: Honoring Uniqueness; Celebrating Diversity
Chapter 12: Activities to Honor Uniqueness and Celebrate Diversity

MI in Action

Chapter 13: MI Lessons, Centers, Projects and Theme Units
Chapter 14: Creating the MI Classroom
Chapter 15: Creating the MI School

Testing and Assessment of MI

Chapter 16: Is MI Testing for Differential Education Desirable?
Chapter 17: Are Valid MI Tests Possible?
Chapter 18: The MIT and Facet Tests
Chapter 19: Authentic MI Assessment

Evaluating MI Theory

Chapter 20: Is MI Theory Brain-Based?
Chapter 21: Do the Eight Intelligences Meet the Eight Criteria?
Chapter 22: Beyond Multiple Intelligences — A Multiplicity!
Chapter 23: Contributions of MI Theory

MI Resources

Chapter 24: MI Resources
Appendix A: Categories of Intelligences

Table of Contents

Sample Pages

Product Reviews

When I purchased this book at a recent convention where you were exhibiting, I was told this was the most comprehensive book in the field. Well, I just thought it was a HUGE book! Once I got it home and started looking around, I was in SHEER DELIGHT! I bought this book 3 months ago and I can honestly say I can use it every day and HAVE!

Not only am I matching, stretching and celebrating with students but now I feel confident that I am doing a better job of stretching myself. I know I can find ideas in the book for the content I am teaching and each time I do, I know I coming closer to becoming an MI teacher.

I love how your book showed me how to teach to all 8 intelligences through the each intelligence. What a novel Idea! Teach and develop the Verbal/Linguistic intelligence THROUGH the Musical/Rhythmic intelligence! Perfect! You should hear the Lyrical Lessons my students have composed. Last week, we wrote songs about the characters in Harry Potter!

Kudos to Spencer and Miguel Kagan for not only writing the most comprehensive book in the field but the BEST book in the field!!

Here is what educators are saying:

All of the Kagan Cooperative materials are excellent! They are extremely "teacher-friendly!" I tell teachers all the time — They have done the research (so you don't have to) and they have packaged it in such a way that you can use it Monday morning!
Mary Gifford
Wausau, WI
K-12th grade, G/T Co-Ordinator

I love all the interesting quotes from famous people categorized by intelligence. Also, it's organized well, so it's easy to find things.
Simi Valley, CA
K-6th grade

For me the book seems organized in a way that is easy to understand. It is set up according to intelligences & I don't have to keep searching from one section to another to find a match for what I want to teach.
Greg Friesen
5th grade

This book is well written. I especially liked the organization of it. It will become an important part of my teacher's inservice program.
Nick Nichols
Topeka, KS
K-5th grade, Principal

The page numbering system at the bottom of the page makes it easy to search for information. The excerpts for source documents lets me taste the authors ideas and decide if I want more. The table chart reference organizers are a fabulous time saver.
Lorna E. Corlett
Phoenix, AZ
Art, 1-6th grade

Good on theory — but not too heavy. Direct application of theory that teachers need and want. Easy to navigate through the book though it looks like a book to get lost in.
George Benson
Jakarta, Indonesia
3rd grade

The new MI book will be very helpful in tying together Cooperative Learning Structures & MI, making them an easily deliverable UNIFIED model.
Bruce Dureno
Windsor, ON
Consultant (high school)

It is easy to read because it is organized so well. I like that it has basics on MI (theory, research, etc.) as well as applications (strategies, assessment.) It is very comprehensive.
Kristi Shaw
6th grade

Kagan's book on MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES is a comprehensive look at developing the intelligences in a fun and rewarding format.
Craig Lahlum
Phoenix, AZ
9th grade

The new book, over 600 pages is not overwhelming because of the layout and easy cross/reference. I "LOVE" the quotes after the chapters. I will USE this book and not just shelf it, because of its layout. It's teacher friendly.
Linda Carey
Cifilli Kearny
5th grade

Fabulous! Excellent information. Easy to find things. I like the quotes, examples, ideas, etc.
Wendy Nelson
Clearfield, UT
10-12th grade

It will be an invaluable resource. It helps me know why I have been an effective teacher and how I can empower students to even greater success. It is clear and extremely "user-friendly."
Lori Chandler
No. Salt Lake
11th & 12th grade

The MI book is an amazing compilation of work. It is very user friendly, visually cheerful and basically an incredible resource for educators dedicated to being on the cutting edge. Thank you for a wonderful tool.
Jeanne Fossani
San Jose, Costa Rica

The MI book is teacher friendly — well organized and easy to use.
Mary Knuck
Scottsdale, AZ
3rd Grade

This is so user-friendly. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out!
Shannon Egbert
Williamsburg, NM

The MI Book is well organized and easy to read. It will be a wonderful reference when I return to the classroom.
Karen Kennedy
Phoenix, AZ
3-6th grade

My reflection on the MI book is that it is a great resource AND as I get more proficient with using it — it will be my BIBLE to Cooperative MI!
Nooneh Kradjian
Granda Hills, CA

The new MI book is very clearly organized and will be an easy reference tool for my teaching.
Mandy Aycock
Charlotte, NC
5th grade

I love the layout — I can find the things by the easy cross-reference — I love the references so if I want more information I can get it easily.
Jeannie S.
Topeka, KS