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Team Pyramids Class Set of 10
Rotating Reading
Boost reading skills and comprehension! When it's time to read, the team places their pyramid on top of the team table. Each face of the pyramid corresponds to each teammate's role during reading: The first teammate reads a paragraph or page (depending on age and subject matter). The next teammate summarizes what was just read. The next teammate makes connections between what was read and prior reading or knowledge. The final teammate makes a prediction about what might come next. After a complete round, the team rotates the pyramid so that teammates rotate roles for every page or paragraph read. The pyramid is a terrific visual management tool to lead the team through a reading structure that promotes active listening, comprehension, and thinking. MPYRR • $14
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Team Pyramids Class Set of 10
Rotating Roles
Make the most of teamwork with roles. Each face of the pyramid displays one of the most common cooperative learning roles: 1) Focus Keeper, 2) Cheerleader, 3) Materials Monitor, and 4) Encourager. As the team works on its project, each teammate has a special duty assigned by the pyramid. Students always know their jobs! And when it's time to rotate roles, you simply rotate the pyramid. MPYRO • $14
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Co-op Co-op Video
Watch these eighth grade social studies students change. They begin with diffused ideas, but through Co-op Co-op they end with sophisticated presentations. You can use Co-op Co-op at any grade in any content. Study the ten steps of Co-op Co-op throughout the video and your students will become masters of sophisticated project investigations. 30 minutes. VHS format. VCC • $45

Kagan Structures Flip Chart
Quickly flip to the next Kagan Structure you'll use in your class. This flip chart serves as a terrific visual reminder of the steps of 30 Kagan Structures. You'll have these powerful teaching strategies at your fingertips. Since the structures are step-by-step, you'll be sure to implement the structures with fidelity and maximize student success. Set this self-standing reference on your desk and flip your way to more engaging teaching! Measures 11 x 8.5 inches. MFLKS • $29
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Kagan Structures PowerPoint Pals CD-ROM
(All Grades)
Drag and drop these colorful Kagan Structures illustrations right into PowerPoint®. The graphics are great for lesson planning. Place the small version right on top of the slide where you want to use the structure. Or use the large one on its own slide. The transparent backgrounds make them really easy to work with. Keep everyone on the same page—or in this case, on the same structure. 36 of your favorite Kagan Structures.
EPPKS • $29

Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures Transparencies
Kagan's very best cooperative learning structures are available as colorful overhead transparencies. You'll find Fan-N-Pick, RallyCoach, Showdown, Timed Pair Share, and many more! You'll receive 27 of the most popular Kagan Structures. Each structure shows the name of the structure and an illustration depicting the structure. Use the transparencies as visual aids as you teach the structures to your students and use them in your daily lessons. School or district trainers: Spice up your Cooperative Learning workshops. Transparencies are in sheet protectors so they'll last for years. Three-ring binder format makes structures quick to find and easy to use. NTCLS • $69

Kagan Starter Set
Getting started with Kagan? Here are some top selections at a great discount: 1) MegaTimer, 2) Silly Sports & Goofy Games book, 3) TeamMats, 4) Music for the Mind: Relaxed Alertness, and 5) Brain Boosters: Keeping on Track. Regular price $122. Combo price. $99 • CKSS Save $23!

Teamwork Poster Set Combo
These three poster sets support and encourage using student teams in the classroom. Each poster set includes six colorful, extra-large 17" x 22" posters. The combo includes all 18 posters in these three sets. CPKT • $34 Save 8!

Managing Teamwork—Improve the teamwork in your classroom with this set of helpful management posters. Includes 6 posters: Quiet Signal, Class Cheers, Team Questions, Teamwork Rules, Coaching, and Team Celebrations. PKTM • $14
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Inspiring Teamwork—Promote the power of teamwork with these motivational teamwork expressions. Includes 6 posters: Teamwork Works!, 4 Heads Are Better than 1!, Together Everyone Achieves More, We > I, Be a Great Teammate!, and Teamwork Divides the Task and Multiplies the Success. PKTI • $14
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Talking Teamwork—Build team communication skills with these phrases and sentence starters your students can use during their cooperative interactions. Includes 6 posters: Praising, Paraphrasing, Disagreeing Politely, Requesting Help, Appreciating, and Hello & Goodbye. PKTT • $14
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Cooperative Learning 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6