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Cooperative Learning

Team Pyramids Rotating Reading cover
Team Pyramids Rotating Reading displayed as three dimensional pyramid

Team Pyramids Class Set of 10
Rotating Reading
Boost reading skills and comprehension! When it's time to read, the team places their pyramid on top of the team table. Each face of the pyramid corresponds to each teammate's role during reading: The first teammate reads a paragraph or page (depending on age and subject matter). The next teammate summarizes what was just read. The next teammate makes connections between what was read and prior reading or knowledge. The final teammate makes a prediction about what might come next. After a complete round, the team rotates the pyramid so that teammates rotate roles for every page or paragraph read. The pyramid is a terrific visual management tool to lead the team through a reading structure that promotes active listening, comprehension, and thinking. MPYRR • $14
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Team Pyramids Rotating Roles cover

Team Pyramids Rotating Roles displayed as three dimensional pyramid Team Pyramids Class Set of 10
Rotating Roles
Make the most of teamwork with roles. Each face of the pyramid displays one of the most common cooperative learning roles: 1) Focus Keeper, 2) Encourager, 3) Materials Monitor, and 4) Quiet Captain. As the team works on its project, each teammate has a special duty assigned by the pyramid. Students always know their jobs! And when it's time to rotate roles, you simply rotate the pyramid. MPYRO • $14
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Kagan Structures PowerPoint Pals CD-ROM
(All Grades)
Drag and drop these colorful Kagan Structures illustrations right into PowerPoint®. The graphics are great for lesson planning. Place the small version right on top of the slide where you want to use the structure. Or use the large one on its own slide. The transparent backgrounds make them really easy to work with. Keep everyone on the same page—or in this case, on the same structure. 36 of your favorite Kagan Structures.
EPPKS • $29


Kagan Starter Set
Getting started with Kagan? Here are some top selections at a great discount:
  1) Silly Sports & Goofy Games Book
  2) MegaTimer
  3) Two CDs: Brain Boosters: Keeping on Track and Music for the Mind: Relaxed Alertness
  4) TeamMats: Management & Fan-N-Pick Mats Class Set of Ten
Regular price $122. Combo price. $99 • CKSS Save $23!

Teamwork Poster Set Combo display

Teamwork Poster Set Combo
These three poster sets support and encourage using student teams in the classroom. Each poster set includes six colorful, extra-large 17" x 22" posters. Combo includes 1) Managing Teamwork, 2) Inspiring Teamwork, and 3) Talking Teamwork Set. Eighteen posters in all. CPKTRegular price $42. Combo price $34 Save 8!

Poster sets also sold separately.

Kagan Structures Poster Set - Managing Teamwork display Managing Teamwork
Improve the teamwork in your classroom with this set of helpful management posters. Teamwork Rules, Coaching, and Team Celebrations. PKTM • $14
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Includes 6 posters:

1. Quiet Signal
2. Class Cheers
3. Team Questions

4. Teamwork Rules
5. Coaching
6. Team Celebrations

Kagan Structures Poster Set - Inspiring Teamwork display Inspiring Teamwork
Promote the power of teamwork with these motivational teamwork expressions. PKTI • $14
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Includes 6 posters:

1. Teamwork Works!
2. 4 Heads Are Better than 1!
3. Teamwork Divides the Task
     and Multiplies the Success

4. We > I
5. Be a Great Teammate!
6. Together Everyone Achieves More

Kagan Structures Poster Set - Talking Teamwork display Talking Teamwork
Build team communication skills with these phrases and sentence starters your students can use during their cooperative interactions. PKTT • $14
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Includes 6 posters:

1. Praising
2. Paraphrasing
3. Disagreeing Politely

4. Requesting Help
5. Appreciating
6. Hello & Goodbye

Kagan Structures Poster Set 2 - Talking Teamwork displayTalking Teamwork Set 2
Based on the success of the original Talking Teamwork poster set, Kagan now offers more phrases and sentence starters to improve communication skills. The sentence starters and expressions in this set will boost your students’ communication skills and help them make teamwork a success. PKTT2 • $14
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Includes 6 posters:

1. Encouragement
2. Keeping on Task
3. Offering Help

4. Reaching Consensus
5. Coaching
6. Processing

8 Free canisters and Free storage box included with purchase of class sets of 8!

Save!Learning Chips
Boost interaction. Boost learning. Learning Chips will have your class humming with interaction. Each set has 16 attractive, durable plastic chips. Each team lays a set of chips question-side down on their desk. One student picks a chip and reads the question. All teammates take a turn responding. The next student picks the next chip and all teammates respond. Learning Chips are a terrific way to get students interacting over the learning topic! Just place a set of chips at a team table and let the non-stop discussion begin. They run themselves as a center. Chips are also great for whole-class activities. Give each student one chip. Have them mix, pair, and ask a partner the question on their chip. They trade chips and find new partners to question. $5 each set or get 8 sets for your class for only $29. Save $11!
Top Ideas for Using Learning ChipsSee Entire Series of Learning ChipsWatch Video Demo

Appreciation Chips
Create an attitude of gratitude in your classroom. Students use this chip set to drop appreciations on teammates and classmates. Appreciations include simple feel-good phrases such as: "You are awesome!," and sentence starters for students to create specific praisers such as, "Thanks a million for…." 8 sets CMDA • $29 Save $11!

Single Appreciation Chips Set MDA • $5

Celebration Chips
Praising words and actions for teams to celebrate or to congratulate a teammate. 8 sets CMDC • $29 Save $11!

Single Celebration Chips Set MDC • $5

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