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Team Pyramids Class Set of 10

Rotating Reading

  • Boosts reading skills and comprehension!
  • Promotes active listening, comprehension, and thinking!
  • Terrific visual management tool for leading teams through reading.
MPYRR • $14

Boost reading skills and comprehension! When it's time to read, the team places their pyramid on top of the team table. Each face of the pyramid corresponds to each teammate's role during reading: The first teammate reads a paragraph or page (depending on age and subject matter). The next teammate summarizes what was just read. The next teammate makes connections between what was read and prior reading or knowledge. The final teammate makes a prediction about what might come next. After a complete round, the team rotates the pyramid so that teammates rotate roles for every page or paragraph read. The pyramid is a terrific visual management tool to lead the team through a reading structure that promotes active listening, comprehension, and thinking.

Sample Pyramid