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Team Pyramids
Class Set of 10

Rotating Roles

  • Great for working on team projects!
  • Includes four of the most common cooperative learning roles:
    • Focus Keeper—keeps the group on task.
    • Encourager—"brings out" the reluctant student and tries to motivate the team.
    • Materials Monitor—obtains supplies and ensures an organized workspace.
    • Quiet Captain—ensures team works quietly.
MPYRO • $14

Make the most of teamwork with roles. Each face of the pyramid displays one of the most common cooperative learning roles: 1) Focus Keeper, 2) Encourager, 3) Materials Monitor, and 4) Quiet Captain. As the team works on its project, each teammate has a special duty assigned by the pyramid. Students always know their jobs! And when it's time to rotate roles, you simply rotate the pyramid.

Sample Pyramid