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Music for the Mind™ CD

Relaxed Alertness

  • Relaxing, instrumental background music ensures a harmonious class climate!
  • Calms students' minds and bodies and helps them focus on learning.
  • Students are more mentally alert and productive.
  • Boosts brain power and promotes peak performance!
LGMR • $15
Product Reviews

I can't say enough about this CD! It does what it says-puts you in a relaxed but alert frame of mind. The soothing music recorded at 60 beats per minute mimics the natural heartbeat rate of 60 beats per minute. The overall effect is that it puts your child (or anyone needing such relaxed alertness) into the proper frame of mind to accomplish the task at hand. I've used it for my ADHD granddaughter when she is over the house to help her to calm her mind while working alertly. I've even used it for myself to do my taxes! Also is the perfect tape to help one to remain relaxed but alert while driving! Get this—you won't be sorry!
—Leenie (Amazon)