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Cooperative Learning & Music

Marya Katz & Christi Brown (All Grades)

  • 9 Cooperative Structures to learn, write, and talk about music!
  • Engage all students through cooperative learning activities that encourage full participation.
  • Master musical concepts: symbols, terms, instruments, rhythm, patterns, tempo, and more!
  • Over 250 blacklines and reproducibles!
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Bands play in perfect sync. Orchestras require everyone to play their part. Why then, when we teach students about music don't we take advantage of the power of cooperation? Maybe the reason is, there just hasn't been a music teacher resource guide that provides the blueprint—until now, that is! In this massive, activity-rich resource guide, you will find cooperative structures and activities to teach the fundamentals for singing, playing instruments, and reading and notating music. There are tons of ready-made cards and blacklines such as Vocabulary Volley, Bass Clef Bonanza, and Interval Insanity to teach the concepts of music composition including melody, rhythm, harmony, form tone color, texture, and expression. All the activities take advantage of Kagan Structures to encourage active participation by every student to ensure everyone is learning about, talking about, and writing about music. Use this book as an entire music curriculum or pick and choose activities to enliven your music class. 396 pages.

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