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Match Mine Music

Christi Brown & Marya Katz (All Grades)

  • Builds students' music skills, vocabulary, and improves communication skills!
  • Enhances ability to give directions.
  • Promotes active listening and role-taking ability.
  • Engages students with fun, hands-on cooperative learning games.
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Students learn music vocabulary and concepts with these cooperative games. To play, students sit on opposite sides of a barrier. In the game, "It's Instrumental," one partner places his instrument game pieces on the game board. Next, he must describe how he arranged his instruments on the game board so his partner can "match" the layout. For example, "Place the cello under the tuba, next to the saxophone." As students make a match, they get exposure to and practice with music vocabulary. Each game focuses on different music vocabulary and concepts. Book includes 30 games in all. 176 pages.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents