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High School Chemistry

Andrew Ridley-Ellis (Grades 9–12)

  • 16 ready-to-use chemistry quiz cards sets
  • Repeated practice boosts retention of chemistry curriclum
  • Transform need-to-know chemistry curriculum into an interactive game that students love
  • Includes instructions for additional structures, including Instant Star and Q & A Review
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Quiz-Quiz-Trade is one of students’ favorite Kagan Structures. Your students learn needto- know curriculum in a fun and energizing format. Students each receive a quiz card. They pair up and quiz both ways, then trade cards and find a new partner to quiz. Each time they have a new partner and a new quiz question. Keeps everyone engaged! Students love it and once students learn this simple structure, the practice sessions run themselves. Ready-to-use card sets include: balancing the equation, regrouping, time, elapsed time, candy store math, snack shack math, word problems, test prep, and rounding. 208 pages.

Quiz Card sets in this book...

  • balancing chemical equations
  • periodic table
  • electron structure
  • atomic structure
  • ionic bonding
  • covalent bonding
  • group 7
  • noble gases
  • reactions of metals
  • extraction of metals
  • electrolysis
  • acids, alkalis, and salts
  • alkanes and alkenes
  • carbon chemistry
  • reaction rates
  • and key ideas

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