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TimerTools Software

Projectable Timers for Teachers and Trainers

Miguel Kagan (All Grades)

  • Easy to use timer for teachers and presenters.
  • Full screen display is ideal for small and large audiences.
  • 18 essential timing tools in one!
  • Works side-by-side with PowerPoint presentations.
  • Site licenses available.
ETT • $29
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I use this timer every single day. I received it free for helping at a Kagan Workshop, but now that I've been using it all the time, I would still pay $30 for it. There is literally an option for everything you could possibly need, and it's easy to resize and project on the board. This is really helpful for when students are taking turns talking in groups, since I can set how many "turns" and how long each person should talk. It's easy to read, color-coded and intuitive to use. I used to use a simple kitchen timer, but I could never go back to that now after having Timer Tools!
—Betsy Lancy FL, USA

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