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Transparency Marker Set
Add color to your transparencies! Color will brighten up your classroom and allow you to highlight important parts, draw in full color, and draw out connections for students. This 8-pack of wet erase, fine point transparency markers is a great way to get your message across in style. WSMT • $8

Projector Pals

Projector Pals 4 Set Combo
Receive all 4 sets below for the price of 3 when you purchase this combo! CFPP • $42 Save $14!

Pointers and Frames
26 Full Color Projector Pals

Add zing to your presentations: Point to essential info using arrows, a pointing finger, a.highlight-purper, pens, pencils, and more. You'll even find cute animal pointers: a dog pointing with its paw, a snake pointing with its tongue, a swordfish pointing with its sword, and an elephant pointing with its trunk. Identify important ideas with a key or a light bulb. Frame information using creative frames. The starburst, signpost, or speech bubble will focus attention just where you need it. MPP • $14
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Management Tools
26 Full Color Projector Pals

Put up the "Finish At" clock so everyone will finish at the same time. Project the "Quiet" illustration to keep the noise level under control. Point the "Don't Forget" finger for a colorful reminder. Put up the "Do Problems" girl next to the problems you want students to complete. Management becomes fun with Projector Pals™. MPM • $14
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Teacher Tools
40 Full Color Projector Pals

Celebrate success and encourage your class with "Awesome!" or "Congratulations!". Decorate your overheads with the 40 most common classroom phrases and topics. Use the scalloped chips as headers or dividers for your transparencies. Use the days of the week to overview the upcoming week or as a review of the material covered over the week. Say it with style! MPT • $14
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Kagan Structures
12 Full Color Projector Pals

Project your favorite structures on the overhead. You'll find Timed Pair Share, Round-Robin, RoundTable, RallyRobin, and more! Great for introducing a structure and keeping students on track. You'll find tons of ways to use these Projector Pals™. MPS • $14
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Hand Pointer
Point to important information on an overhead, on the board, or on a poster. Hand is molded plastic mounted on a wooden dowel. Approximately 1 foot long. AHP • $3

Save!Lesson Cubes
Launch your lessons with a bang. Wrap them up right. These two cubes are a great way to create and deliver a set and provide closure on just about any topic. Each roll produces a new question or prompt to get students thinking about the lesson content.
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Lesson Launcher Cube
Class Set of 8 CMLL • $16 Save $8!

Single Lesson Launcher Cube MLL • $3

Lesson Wrap Up Cube
Class Set of 8 CMLW • $16 Save $8!

Single Lesson Wrap Up Cube MLW • $3

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TeamTools™ Software
Let's face it, forming good cooperative learning teams can be a chore. Not anymore! To create effective teams, we must juggle a lot of variables: We want teams of four, but must form some teams of three or five to handle "extra" students. We want two boys and two girls per team, but when we run out of balanced sex teams we want same sex teams so the solo boy or girl is not given too much or too little attention. We want a high, high-medium, low-medium, and low ability student on each team to optimize tutoring and achievement. Creating teams can be a brain-racking, time-consuming process. Now you simply click a button. TeamTools takes your class info and recommends teams for you. If you like the recommended teams, you save, print, or display them for your class. If you're not happy with the suggested teams, you push a button to try again, or fine-tune the teams yourself by moving students around. Forming flexible groups for differentiated instruction is also a snap. TeamTools gives you six ways to form teams, six ways to form pairs, and two ways to split the class into two teams. You can use TeamTools for up to eight different classrooms. Create and manage teams like a pro with TeamTools!
Single user: ETM • $29
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PC • Mac • Interactive Whiteboard

TeamTools™ Software Site License
Site license available in 10-user license. ETM10 • $249 Save $41
Call for discount pricing for more than 10 users.

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