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Apps for iPhone and iPad

Select students by name with this classy little app. Just type or paste in your class list and save it. Then pick how you want to select students. You can pick students randomly, random without repeats, in sequence, A to Z, or Z to A. Save up to 8 lists for 8 classes or 8 different groups. Selector cycles through the names on your list and picks one. Just click the Next button to select the next student. It'll inform you when everyone's been selected. Also keeps track of your history. Keep the entire class on task because anyone's name can come up next. View iTunes Preview

Kagan's famous TimerTools software is now available as an app! You get a suite of powerful timers that are super easy to use. Timers include: Countdown, Stopwatch, Turn Timer, Seconds Up, Seconds Down, and Interval Timer. Access and set any timer with just a few clicks. All the most frequent timers teachers use are available as presets. Timer display size is maximized to see from a distance. More attractive and teacher-friendly than any other timer app available. View iTunes Preview

Pick a student in the class to answer. Pick which student on each team will read first. Pick a team to present first. This little selector is really easy to use and flexible. It allows you to select a number randomly, sequentially, or random with no repeats. It's a great way to promote active engagement by everyone and ensure fairness. View iTunes Preview

Selector Spinners
Here are 3 super simple, super attractive classroom spinners. The Student Selector picks one student on each team. Designed for teams of 3, 4, and 5. The Team Selector picks one team in the class. Designed for 6–9 teams in the class. The Partner Picker randomly picks Partner A or Partner B with each spin. Get 3 great spinners in 1! View iTunes Preview

Available on the App Store - Click Here

Save!TeamTub Class Set of 8
Team supplies include: 4 dry erase AnswerBoards, 4 color dry erase markers, 4 mini felt erasers, 4 twist-up crayons, and 1 Student Selector Spinner. Regular price $152. Combo price $99 • CCSTUB Save $53!

Individual TeamTub CTUB • $15

Kagan Sweatshirt
We know Kagan gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Now you can be literally warm and fuzzy in your Kagan jacket. See size chart below for codes. Full Zip • $39


Kagan Book Bag
Our extra-large, durable book bags are both functional and attractive. They are ideal for carrying your books, binders, and other teacher tools. The zipper keeps everything safe and sound. This stylish tote sports a silkscreened teal Kagan logo on the large front pocket. ABBB • $12

I Teach! Perpetual Desk Calendar
Julie High & Spencer Kagan (All Grades)
"Teaching: The profession that makes all other professions possible!" "As teachers we have the world's most important job!" "I teach: I create a better tomorrow." Turn the page of this attractive, colorful desk calendar and brighten each day with a fresh inspirational quote or affirmation. Includes quotes by Einstein, Mother Teresa, Thoreau, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. Works every year!
AITC • $14
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What Do You Know? Class Set
The Brain-Friendly Game that Teaches Core Curriculum
Core curriculum has never been more fun or engaging! Each student team receives a double spinner and a deck of cards. One student draws the top card and spins the Subject spinner. It picks a subject, either Math, Science, Language Arts, or Social Studies. The student looks at the chosen word on his or her card. For example, if the Subject spinner landed on Math, the chosen word might be Right Angle. Next, the student spins the Game Action spinner. It chooses one of six different brain-friendly ways for the team to deepen their understanding of the chosen term. For example, the spinner lands on "I Draw, You Guess." So the student draws a right angle for the team, and they guess what it is. The six Game Actions will have your students acting, drawing, teaching, defining, and applying need-to-know core curriculum terms. Boost vocabulary and thinking skills with this brain-friendly learning game! Each class set includes 8 card decks and 8 spinners, enough for up to 8 teams to play at once.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Grades 3-4
MGWK3 • $49

Grades 5-6
MGWK5 • $49

Individual games also available.

Grades 3-4 Single Game MGWS3 • $9
Grades 5-6 Single Game MGWS5 • $9

Squish Apples, Balls, Brains and Lightbulbs
Squish 'em. Squeeze 'em. Toss 'em. Pass 'em around. Dress up your desk. These relaxable foam apples, balls, brains, and lightbulbs are the teacher decorations with a function. Give 'em a squeeze to release the stress of "one of those days." Also a safe visual cue for students to toss around in their teams to see whose turn it is to answer, share, read, write, or solve the problem.

Squish Apple
FSAP • $2

Squish Smiley
Face Ball

FSSF • $2

Squish Brain
FSBR • $2

Squish Lightbulb
FSLB • $2

Purchase Download Version

Instant Teambuilding & Classbuilding Software
Teambuilding and classbuilding have never been so easy! This software combines the ease of ready-to-use questions with the power of full interaction structures. Lead your students through teambuilding and classbuilding by simply clicking through the steps of the structures provided. Students have fun, get acquainted, and celebrate each other. Teams and classrooms become a supportive environment, optimal for learning. The Teambuilding version features Spotlight and Timed RoundRobin, two team-based interaction structures. The Classbuilding version features Mix-Pair-Share and Travel-N-Tell, two structures to promote positive classmate interactions. Choose from 20 unique question sets in each software to create teambuilding and classbuilding activities with zero prep, or make and save your own question sets. For PC, Mac, interactive whiteboards. Get both programs together and save big!
Regular price $98. Combo price $79 • CETBCB Save $19!

PC • Mac • Interactive Whiteboard

Choose Among 20
Instant Question Sets
per Software

Create a Caring Class
with Celebrations

Engage Every Student
With Full Participation Structures

Energize Students with
Fun-to-Discuss Questions

Software also sold separately and as site licences. Call for volume pricing.

• Spotlight
• Timed RoundRobin
Download User Manuel

Single User EITB • $49
Single User EITBD • $49 (Download Version)
10-User License EITB10 • $399 Save $91

• Mix-Pair-Share
• Travel-N-Tell
Download User Manuel

Single User EICB • $49
Single User EICBD • $49 (Download Version)
10-User License EICB10 • $399 Save $91
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Instant Engagement Software
Create engagement—instantly! Just add your own questions. Using game-like structures, Instant Engagement leads you and your students through step-by-step instructional strategies for review, thinking and discussion, idea generation, and problem solving. There are 3 different programs in this series: 1) Pair, 2) Team, and 3) Class. Each program includes three structures designed to cover the range of classroom objectives. Use Quiz-N-Show for pair review sessions to boost test scores in any subject. Use Mix-Pair-Share to have your students mix to the music and then pair up with a classmate to discuss the prompts you enter—from what they did last weekend to the Theory of Relativity. Use ThinkTank to promote higher-level thinking and in-depth discussions in teams about your curriculum. Learning becomes fun, not a chore, with these interactive strategies. Good teaching is a snap! Whether you know and love Kagan Structures or you're just looking for a way to step up student engagement in your class, you now have the perfect tools to engage every student, every time.
Get all 3 programs together and save big! Regular price $147. Combo price $119 • CIE Save $28!
PC • Mac • Interactive WhiteboardFor complete product description, demo, and more info, click here.

Make Learning Fun
With Celebrations

Lead Students
Step-by-Step to Success

Keep Everyone Engaged
with Random Selectors

Manage Time Easily
with Built-In Timers

Enter and Save
Your Own Questions

Software also sold separately and as site licences. Call for volume pricing.

Class Structures
  • Mix-Pair-Share
  • Quiz-Quiz
  • PairUp Review

Single User EIC • $49
Single User EICD • $49
(Download Version)
10-User License EIC10 • $399
Save $91

Pair Structures
  • Timed Pair Share
  • RallyRobin
  • Quiz-N-Show

Single User • EIP • $49
Single User EIPD • $49
(Download Version)
10-User License • EIP10 • $399
Save $91

Team Structures
  • ThinkTank
  • Timed RoundRobin
  • Instant Star

Single User • EIT • $49
Single User EITD • $49
(Download Version)
10-User License • EIT10 • $399
Save $91

Save! Poster Projects Pack
Students deepen their understanding of the curriculum as they create poster masterpieces. Receive two FREE Poster Projects with this pack. Pack includes 9 Poster Projects: All About Me, Current Event, Historical Figure, An Event in History, Exploring Space, Health & Nutrition, Book Report, Science Experiment, and Examining a Story. Each student poster includes numerous highly-motivating activities. Poster Projects are great for team projects, independent activities, sponge activities, and learning centers. Students will be so proud of their posters, they'll want to frame them and hang them up! Each set includes 32 of the same, 11" x 17" poster pages. 288 posters in all. Regular price $63. CPP9 • $49 Save $14!

Individual sets also available.

All About Me
PPAM • $7

See larger image

PPAN • $7

See larger image

Book Report
PPBR • $7

See larger image

Current Event
PPCE • $7

See larger image

I Have Character
PPCH • $7

See larger image

PPCO • $7

See larger image

Culture Study
PPCS • $7

See larger image

Event in History
PPEH • $7

See larger image

Examining A Story
PPES • $7

See larger image

Exploring Space
PPEX • $7

See larger image

Forces of Nature
PPFN • $7

See larger image

Human Body
PPHB • $7

See larger image

Historical Figure
PPHF • $7
See larger image

Health and Nutrition
PPHN • $7
See larger image

My Family
PPMF • $7
See larger image

Our Team
PPOT • $7
See larger image

U.S. President
PPPR • $7

See larger image

PPRE • $7

See larger image

Science Experiment
PPSC • $7

See larger image

I Have Self-Esteem
PPSE • $7

See larger image

U.S. State
PPST • $7

See larger image

PPVO • $7

See larger image

Weather & Climate
PPWC • $7

See larger image


Team Pyramids Class Set of 10
Rotating Reading
Boost reading skills and comprehension! When it's time to read, the team places their pyramid on top of the team table. Each face of the pyramid corresponds to each teammate's role during reading: The first teammate reads a paragraph or page (depending on age and subject matter). The next teammate summarizes what was just read. The next teammate makes connections between what was read and prior reading or knowledge. The final teammate makes a prediction about what might come next. After a complete round, the team rotates the pyramid so that teammates rotate roles for every page or paragraph read. The pyramid is a terrific visual management tool to lead the team through a reading structure that promotes active listening, comprehension, and thinking. MPYRR • $14
Look What’s Inside!

Team Pyramids Class Set of 10
Rotating Roles
Make the most of teamwork with roles. Each face of the pyramid displays one of the most common cooperative learning roles: 1) Focus Keeper, 2) Encourager, 3) Materials Monitor, and 4) Quiet Captain. As the team works on its project, each teammate has a special duty assigned by the pyramid. Students always know their jobs! And when it's time to rotate roles, you simply rotate the pyramid. MPYRO • $14
Look What’s Inside!

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