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SelectorTools software coverSelect Students and Teams with Ease!
SelectorTools™ Software
Projectable Selectors for Teachers and Trainers
Keep everyone actively involved! Click a button to randomly select a student in the class by name. Spin a spinner to pick which teammate will share the team's answer. Roll a die to pick a student on each team to go first. Press Go and randomly select the next team to present. SelectorTools offers 15 attractive selectors: No Repeat Selector, Color Selector, Color Spinner, Name Selector, Next Team, Number Selector, Partner Picker Spinner, Role Assigner, Role Timer, Roll the Die, Student Selector Spinner, Student & Team Selector Spinners, Team Selector Spinner, Team Sequencer, and Who's Up? This collection of selectors will give you the tools you need to crank up active engagement. Instead of calling on one student at a time, pick one student in each pair or team to answer or perform. With random selectors, anyone can be picked at any time, so tuning out is not an option. Pump up the interaction in your classroom and keep everyone involved. Selecting students and teams has never been so fun or easy.
Single user: EST • $29
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For complete product description, demo, instructions, ideas and activities, and site license info, click here.

• Easy-to-use selectors for teachers and presenters.
• Full screen display is ideal for small and large audiences.
• 15 terrific selection tools in one!
• Works side-by-side with PowerPoint presentations.

PC • Mac • Interactive Whiteboard

SelectorTools™ Software Site License
Site license available in 10-user license. EST10 • $249 Save $41
Call for discount pricing for more than 10 users.

Student Selector Spinner image Student Selector Spinners
Keep everyone on their toes! Be sure everyone is participating! Give the Student Selector a spin. It automatically selects one student from each team even if you have different sized teams working at once! Select one student from each pair, triad, or team of four or five to respond to your question, start the team project, or fill a role such as Materials Monitor. The randomness of the spin ensures that everyone is participating about equally, and it keeps everyone on their toes because students never know who is going to be called on next. This little management tool has been a longtime bestseller! Class set of 8.
CSS • $12

Single Student Selector Spinner MSSC • $2

Numbered Heads Overhead Spinner image Numbered Heads Together
Transparency Spinner

Place the spinner on the overhead projector, give it a spin, and Numbered Heads becomes more fun for your students. The spinner selects the number of the student in each team to share with the class, adding excitement and equal opportunity. A favorite for primary teachers because of the easy-to-read numbers. MSNHT • $2

Selector Spinner imageSelector Spinner
Select a student with the Student Selector. Select a team with the Team Selector. Or select any student on any team by giving both spinners a whirl. A terrific teacher tool to equalize student selection and to keep everyone accountable for learning.
MSTSS • $3

Transparent Spinner for overhead MSST • $4

Yacker Tracker imageYacker Tracker
Engaging cooperative activities unleash excitement, yet sometimes elevate noise levels. Don't get rid of enthusiasm; get rid of the excess noise with this self-monitoring traffic light sound meter! Select the appropriate level of noise for your activity. When the noise level gets too high, the stoplight turns from green to flashing yellow. If the sound level reaches 15 decibels above the set level, the red light and audio cue come on. Students will monitor their own noise level. Plugs into 120v electrical outlet. DYT • $140

Time Tracker imageTime Tracker
New and improved! Stay on track with this modern electronic timer. Easily program green, yellow, and red sections to indicate that time is running out. Features 180° viewing, large, easy-to-read display, volume control, and pause feature. Measures 8”H x 4” in diameter. DTTC • $45

No Yell Bell imageNo Yell Bell
Use this handy electronic bell to get your students’ attention! Features 7 fun sound effects, including a bugle call, cheering crowd, and of course, a clanging bell. Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included). DNYB • $35

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