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Match Mine: Mathematics
(Grades 3–6)
There's no better way to get your students talking about and using the language of mathematics than using these communication-building Match Mine games. Partners sit on opposite sides of a barrier. They each receive the same game board and game pieces copied from the book. For example, the game board is a grid and the game pieces are solid 3D geometry shapes. One student organizes her pieces on the game board. Then, with words alone, she must describe her arrangement to her partner so her partner can make a match. Students learn and use mathematics vocabulary and concepts as they play: "Place the rectangular prism in the first column, last row." The communication standard for math calls for: "students to organize their mathematical thinking through communication; communicate mathematical thinking clearly to peers; and use the language of mathematics to express ideas precisely." Includes 30 reproducible games spanning 7 strands of mathematics. Your students will ask to play again and again. 136 pages.
BMMM • $19
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Mix-N-Match: Mathematics
(Grades 3–6)
Multiply mathematics mastery with fun and engaging learning games. Students each get a Mix-N-Match card related to the topic. They move about the room quizzing each other and trading Mix-N-Match cards. You call, "Freeze!" They then rush to find a partner with the matching card. "What time am I?" "How much do my coins add up to?" Students enjoy mixing and matching so much, they hardly realize they are repeatedly quizzing each other and mastering the content. Book includes reproducible Mix-N-Match card sets for: basic operations, coins, division, equivalent fractions, fractions and percents, graphing ordered pairs, measurement conversion, multiplication, place value, reading time, Roman numerals, subtraction. 208 pages.
BXM • $19
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Reaching the Mathematics Standards Through Cooperative Learning DVD & Teacher Guide
Providing For ALL Learners in General Education Classroom

Dr. Spencer Kagan, Laurie Kagan, & Miguel Kagan (Grades K–8)
Help ALL students reach the mathematics standards! This DVD and Teacher Guide will help you reach the standards for all using Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. In the DVD, Dr. Spencer Kagan and Laurie Kagan take us on a tour of a range of elementary school classrooms using the Kagan Structures to reach the mathematics standards. The Teacher Guide includes chapters on the mathematics standards, cooperative learning, reaching the standards for students with disabilities, reaching the standards for second language learners, and reaching the standards through multiple intelligences. The Teacher Guide highlights the structures previewed in the DVD and includes step-by-step directions, special adaptations for special populations, and literally hundreds of activity ideas for using the structures to reach the mathematics standards. Many structures even include ready-to-use blackline masters from the DVD activities. 200 pages. DVD 30 minutes. CKRSMD • $149
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Teacher Guide also sold separately. BKRMA • $29

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Math Projector Pals!™
Add color to your overhead math lessons with these attractive and instructive plastic Projector Pals. What a brilliant collection of math presentation tools!

Geometry & Shapes
43 Projector Pals

Visuals are a must for teaching geometry! Here's a great collection of visuals to display as you teach basic geometry and shapes. Set includes illustrated geometry terms: parallel, perpendicular, similar, congruent, concave, convex, symmetrical, asymmetrical, obtuse, acute, right, line segment, ray, line, and point; 3D shapes: pyramid, cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism; the 18 most common geometric shapes; and how could you live without an overhead protractor and a Cartesian plane? MPG • $9
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Fractions, Decimals, & Percents
60 Projector Pals

You'll make your fraction lessons a "whole" lot more interesting with these overhead teaching tools. Set includes a vibrant, 29-piece fraction bar set with all fractions from 1 to 1/8. You'll also find pie and square fraction models for the most common fractions. There are fraction chips for 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/3, and 3/4 and chips with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equal symbols for fraction operations.
MPF • $9
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Number & Place Value
87 Projector Pals

Set includes everything you need to demonstrate number and place value concepts on the overhead projector. There's a complete Base 10 kit with cubes, flats, rods, and units. Use the category labels for ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands to build numbers, and perform concrete operations. Use the two number lines to teach number sequence. Also included are lots of number chips and chips with mathematics symbols for creating numerous math problems on the projector.
MPN • $9
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Patterns & Attributes
60 Projector Pals

Teach primary students patterns and attributes using these overhead Projector Pals. Use the cute fruit—five each of an apple, orange, lemon, and grapes—for building all kinds of patterns on the overhead. Make a simple AB pattern with just the apples and oranges. Or create more complex patterns using all the fruit. The attribute buttons are different sizes, shapes, and have either two holes, four holes, or no holes. Along with the attribute labels, they're great for teaching a wide range of attribute lessons.
MPA • $9
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Time, Money & Measurement
60 Projector Pals

Teach money recognition and money math problems with these photorealistic money pieces. Includes quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, and the front and back of a dollar bill. Teach telling time with an analog clock. And use the digital clock times to have students build time. Other measurement-related tools in this set are a scale, a thermometer, inch rulers, and centimeter rulers. MPC • $9
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Mathematics 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6