Match Mine Mathematics

Kagan Publishing (Grades 3-5)

  • Promotes students to organize their mathematical thinking through communication.
  • Communicate mathematical thinking clearly to peers.
  • Use the language of mathematics to express ideas precisely.
  • Your students will learn while playing a game.
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There's no better way to get your students talking about and using the language of mathematics than using these communication-building Match Mine games. Partners sit on opposite sides of a barrier. They each receive the same game board and game pieces copied from the book. For example, the game board is a grid and the game pieces are solid 3D geometry shapes. One student organizes her pieces on the game board. Then, with words alone, she must describe her arrangement to her partner so her partner can make a match. Students learn and use mathematics vocabulary and concepts as they play: "Place the rectangular prism in the first column, last row." The communication standard for math calls for: "students to organize their mathematical thinking through communication; communicate mathematical thinking clearly to peers; and use the language of mathematics to express ideas precisely." Includes 30 reproducible games spanning 7 strands of mathematics. Your students will ask to play again and again. 136 pages.

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