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Mix-N-Match Mathematics

(Grades 3–6)

  • 12 sets of ready-to-use reproducible cards, worksheets, and an answer sheet to use with every game.
  • 14 Management Tips on how to use cards while playing Mix-N-Match.
  • Additional structures such as, Numbered Heads Together, Flashcard Game, Showdown, RallyTable, and RoundTable for more playing enjoyment.
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Multiply mathematics mastery with fun and engaging learning games. Students each get a Mix-N-Match card related to the topic. They move about the room quizzing each other and trading Mix-N-Match cards. You call, "Freeze!" They then rush to find a partner with the matching card. "What time am I?" "How much do my coins add up to?" Students enjoy mixing and matching so much, they hardly realize they are repeatedly quizzing each other and mastering the content. Book includes reproducible Mix-N-Match card sets for: basic operations, coins, division, equivalent fractions, fractions and percents, graphing ordered pairs, measurement conversion, multiplication, place value, reading time, Roman numerals, subtraction. 208 pages.

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