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Cooperative Learning and Mathematics book coverCooperative Learning & Mathematics
Beth Andrini (Grades K–8)
This classic includes 179 do-tomorrow activities and 23 complete step-by-step cooperative learning lessons to teach number, measurement, geometry, patterns and functions, statistics, probability, logic, and algebra. Blackline masters galore. The lessons emphasize manipulatives, calculators, performance assessment, creative thinking, problem solving, and co-op structures. 200 pages.
BAM • $29
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Addition Spinners Combo
Students generate random addition problems with their Addition Spinners! No need for textbooks or worksheets. Students just spin the two spinners and add up the numbers. Spin 'em twice or more and create multiple-digit problems for more advanced addition. Ideas and activities on the back. Combo includes 8 spinners. Regular price $24. Combo price $16 • CMSA Save $8!

Single Addition Spinner MSA • $3

Place Value Spinners Combo
An entire number curriculum built into a spinner! Teach your students to recognize, write, and build numbers from 0 to 9,999. Start with the Ones spinner and watch your students work their way up to the Tens, Hundreds, then Thousands. Each new spin creates a new number for students to identify, write, or build with manipulatives. When your students are ready for decimals, just place a penny between spinners and suddenly you can teach decimal place value in tenths, hundredths, thousandths, and ten thousandths! Also works great to teach rounding off. Students spin a number and round it off to the nearest 0, 10, 100, or 1,000. Multi-functional and multi-fun. Combo includes eight spinners. Regular price $40. Combo price $25 • CMSPV Save $15!

Single Place Value Spinner MSPV • $5

Multiplication Spinners Combo
Your students will spin their way to multiplication mastery! The Multiplication Spinners are like flashcards, only better. They're fun. They're interactive. And you won't ever run out of problems. Your students simply spin the arrows to create an endless array of multiplication problems. Great for quizzing a partner. Excellent for generating problems to build with manipulatives. Watch your students work their way up to multiple-digit problems with multiple spins. Combo includes eight spinners, one for each team. Regular price $24. Combo price $16 • CMSM Save $8!

Single Multiplication Spinner MSM • $3

O’Clock Combo
What time is it? It's O'Clock time! With the O'Clock, your students will learn how to tell time, write time, and build time—all in no time! When you put the O'Clock in your students' hands, time will be on their side. Have students take turns quizzing each other: one student randomly sets the movable hands to a new time. His or her partner reads what time it is. Have a showdown at the O'Clock Corral. In a small team, one student randomly sets a time and places the O'Clock in the center of the table. Everyone on the team writes out the time, "Three thirty-one." At the command, "Showdown," everyone shows their answer. The Showdown Captain makes sure everyone got the correct answer. The next Showdown Captain runs the next round. A terrific tool you will use time and time again. Combo includes eight clocks. Regular price $24. Combo price $16 • CMSO Save $8!

Single O’Clock Spinner MSO • $3

Shape Selector Spinners Combo
Watch your students' learning take shape! With these fun spinners, your students will learn shape names, draw the shape selected by the spinner, write shape names, create shape patterns, or count shape sides! If shapes are part of your math curriculum, add this fun series of activities to help students master shape-ology. You'll find stars and polished diamonds in your circle of students. It's hip to be square! Combo includes eight spinners. Regular price $24. Combo price $16 • CMSSH Save $8!

Single Shape Selector Spinner MSSH • $3

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