Cooperative Math

Engaging Structures & Activities

Ranae Stites & Amanda Buethe (Grades preK–2)

  • Seven highly interactive Kagan Structures that make math engaging for everyone.
  • Math topics include Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis and Probability.
  • Brimming with time-saving, ready-made, activity worksheets.
  • Primary tips for teaching "before," "during," and "after" each Kagan Structure.
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It’s easy to make mathematics cooperative and engaging with these books! Inside, you will find 7 highly interactive Kagan Structures and approximately 50 ready-to-use activities that fit the NCTM standards. Your students will play Fan-N-Pick, a team game to answer math problems. Students will mingle with classmates as they Find Someone Who can perform math tasks. Pairs will Quiz-Quiz-Trade each other to cement math concepts and facts. Teams will play Showdown to review and reinforce their mathematical learning. These books will save you tons of time preparing grade-appropriate cooperative math activities to engage everyone in your class.

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