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Social Studies

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Reaching the Social Studies Standards Through Cooperative Learning teacher guide coverReaching the Social Studies Standards Through Cooperative Learning Teacher Guide
Providing For ALL Learners in General Education Classroom
Dr. Spencer Kagan, Laurie Kagan, & Miguel Kagan (Grades K–8)
Help ALL students reach the social studies standards! This DVD and teacher guide will help you reach the standards for all using Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. In the DVD, Dr. Spencer Kagan and Laurie Kagan take us on a tour of a range of elementary school classrooms using the Kagan Structures to reach the social studies standards. The teacher guide includes chapters on the social studies standards, cooperative learning, reaching the standards for students with disabilities, reaching the standards for second language learners, and reaching the standards through multiple intelligences. The teacher guide highlights the structures previewed in the DVD and includes step-by-step directions, special adaptations for special populations, and literally hundreds of activity ideas for using the structures to reach the social studies standards. Many structures even include ready-to-use blackline masters from the DVD activities. 192 pages. BKRSS • $29

Social Studies Mix-N-Match
Classroom Sets

Save time with ready-made, colorful card-stock classroom sets. Class sets include instructions, ideas for use, and enough cards for 40 students. $5 each.

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Geography Term-N-Definition XGD
Historical Character-N-Achievement XCA
Historical Event-N-Date XHD

Sport-N-Name XSN
State-N-Capital XSC
State-N-Abbreviation XSAB

Save! Social Studies Learning Cubes
Here are three learning cubes to make three common social studies themes a fun, cooperative activity. Each team receives its own cube. They roll the cube and the cube leads teams through questions and activities. Each squishably soft and quiet-to-roll foam cube measures 3 inches. $3 each cube or get a class set of 8 cubes for $16. Save $8!
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Current Event Cube
Explore important current happenings with this Learning Cube. Students will draw the event, create a timeline, write a brief newspaper story about it, and discuss questions about any current event. Set of 8 cubes CMLC • $16 Save $8!

Single Current Event Cube MLC • $3

Famous People Cube
From modern day heroes to historical figures, this cube is a great way to get your students to think about any famous individual's actions, beliefs, and impact. Set of 8 cubes CMLF • $16 Save $8!

Single Famous People Cube MLF • $3

Historical Event Cube
Bring history to life by having students draw a mind map of the event, write a summary of the historical happening, create a timeline of the event, brainstorm positive and negative effects of the event, and glean insights on lessons to be learned. Works with any historical event. Set of 8 cubes CMLH • $16 Save $8!

Single Historical Event Cube MLH • $3

Mysteries in History
Wendy Conklin (Grades 5–8)
Who really discovered the Americas? Was there really a Trojan horse? Was Mozart murdered? Challenge students to explore several important unexplained events that helped shape history. Students use primary source materials, posters, and simulations to find clues and to make informed decisions about these events. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. These real-life historical mysteries encourage students to research, think, debate, and form conclusions. 144 pages each.

American History
DCMHAM • $19

Ancient History
DCMHAH • $19

World History
DCMHWH • $19

Poster Projects for Social Studies
What a terrific way to explore social studies! Students create posters to explore popular social studies topics. Posters create lots of excitement and interest and require little direction and supervision. Each set includes 32 of the same 11" x 17" poster pages. $7 each.
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PPCO • $7

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Current Event
PPCE • $7

See larger image

Culture Study
PPCS • $7

See larger image

Event in History
PPEH • $7

See larger image

Historical Figure
PPHF • $7

See larger image

My Family
PPMF • $7

See larger image

U.S. President
PPPR • $7

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U.S. State
PPST • $7

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Social Studies Higher-Level Thinking Questions book coverSocial Studies
Higher-Level Thinking Questions

(Grades 3–12)
Use the hundreds of open-ended higher-level thinking questions in this book to venture beyond the basic facts of social studies. Watch as your students voyage into a whole new realm of thinking and learning. Includes intriguing questions for sixteen of the most popular social studies topics and themes including: Culture, Current Events, Explorers, Government, Historical Characters, Historical Events, Native Americans and more! Stretch the many facets of your students' minds with these thought-provoking questions: “What do you think would happen if Congress tried to establish an official religion?” “What does your culture have in common with this culture?” “America wasn't discovered, it was stolen from the Native Americans. Do you agree or disagree?” Questions are provided in convenient reproducible question card format, perfect for the engaging cooperative questioning activities provided. Also includes reproducible prompts for journal writing and activities for student-generated questions. Simultaneously explore social studies in depth and promote higher-level thinking! 160 pages.
BQSS • $19
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8 Free canisters and Free storage box included with purchase of class sets of 8!

Save!Social Studies Learning Chips
Boost interaction. Boost learning. Learning Chips will have your class humming with interaction. Each set has 16 attractive, durable plastic chips. Each team lays a set of chips question-side down on their desk. One student picks a chip and reads the question. All teammates take a turn responding. The next student picks the next chip and all teammates respond. Learning Chips are a terrific way to get students interacting over the learning topic! Just place a set of chips at a team table and let the non-stop discussion begin. They run themselves as a center. Chips are also great for whole-class activities. Give each student one chip. Have them mix, pair, and ask a partner the question on their chip. They trade chips and find new partners to question. $5 each set or get 8 sets for your class for only $29. Save $11!
Top Ideas for Using Learning ChipsWatch Video Demo

Processing Chips
Increase the understanding and retention of any lecture, reading, or video. After 5–10 minutes of direct input, stop and have teams use these chips to process what they've learned. By completing sentence starters such as, "I was surprised to learn…," and "In summary…," students personalize the input. They remember much more of what they share with teammates.

Class Set of 8
CMDPR • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDPR • $5

Discussion Chips
Provocative sentence starters to encourage impassioned discussion about any topic.

Class Set of 8
CMDD • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDD • $5

Event Chips
Questions to examine a current or historical event.

Class Set of 8
CMDE • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDE • $5

Famous Folks Chips
Questions to investigate and appreciate a celebrated individual's life and times.

Class Set of 8
CMDF • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set MDF • $5

Interview Chips
Interview question starters for interviewing characters in role, classmates, or any interviewee.

Class Set of 8
CMDI • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDI • $5

Lesson Review Chips
Wrap-up questions to review any lesson and to cement new learning.

Class Set of 8
CMDRV • $29
Save $11!

Single Chips Set
MDRV • $5

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