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Language Arts

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Reading and Language Arts
Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites

20 Literacy Strategies That Engage the Brain

Marcia L. Tate (Grades K–12)
According to experts in the field, reading and language arts skills are best acquired when students are actively engaged in their own learning. This book focuses on brain-based literacy strategies to reach the standards. It contains over 300 activities from hundreds of teachers as well as the author's own classroom models. This practical resource is dedicated to literacy strategies that apply to the way students learn to read and read to learn. These hands-on techniques will help you teach reading in relevant, motivating, and engaging ways. Invite your students to use their higher-level thinking skills, increase their comprehension, and make the learning their own! 200 pages. DTRLW2V • $35

Literacy Centers
What Your Other Kids Do During Guided-Reading Groups

Irene Allen & Susan Peery (Grades 3–5)
How do you keep the class productively learning while you work one-on-one with a student or with a reading group? Use these 19 literacy centers. You'll find imaginative center ideas to integrate reading and writing in all content areas. Centers such as Write around the Room, Poetry, Buddy Reading, and Drama will make center time fun and meaningful while freeing you up to work with individuals or small groups. 144 pages. DASLC • $20

Free! StorySwitcher Combo
Jackie Scott (Grades K–6)
Create higher-level thinking with students' favorite fairy tales. First you lead the class through the original story with illustrated story cards. Then there is a "Switch." The seven dwarfs become seven giants or the ugly duckling becomes the ugly caterpillar! The Switch changes every aspect of the story. It is up to students to come up with the new story. Includes illustrated English/Spanish story cards with the Switch story illustrated on the back of each card; over 50 K–2 and 3–6 cooperative activities for the original story and the Switch; and student cards for hands-on activities. Students love it—the Switch stimulates fantasy and creativity. Combo includes all 4 sets. Regular price $32. Combo price $24 • CSSW
Buy the combo and get the 4th set FREE!

Individual StorySwitchers also sold separately.
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs (Blanca Nieves y Los Siete Enanitos) SSSW • $8
The Three Little Pigs (Los Tres Cochinitos) SSTP • $8
The Princess & the Pea (La Princesa y el Chícharo) SSPP • $8
The Ugly Duckling (El Patito Feo) SSUD • $8

The Absolutely Essential Grammar Guide
Nancy Atlee (Grades 3–12)
This is a great reference manual for teachers and students alike. Master the correct use of punctuation, rules for capitalization, definitions and uses of the parts of speech, definitions and examples of parts and types of sentences, and identifying common usage errors. Includes simple student examples with correct grammar usage. 88 pages. DAGG • $17

Language Arts 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6