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Character & Emotional Intelligence

Poster Projects for Personal & Social Skills
Create maximum engagement with minimal preparation and supervision. Students have fun and deepen their understanding of the curriculum as they create poster masterpieces. Your students will use their thinking and creativity skills as they complete these mini-projects. Students build self knowledge, teamwork skills, character, and self-esteem as they create poster masterpieces. Each student poster includes numerous highly-motivating activities. Poster Projects are great for team projects, independent activities, sponge activities, and learning centers. Students will be so proud of their posters, they'll want to frame them and hang them up! Each set includes 32 of the same, 11" x 17" poster pages. $7 each.
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All About Me
PPAM • $7
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I Have Character
PPCH • $7
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I Have Self-Esteem
PPSE • $7
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Our Team
PPOT • $7
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What Do You Stand For?
A Guide to Building Character

Barbara A. Lewis
Learn how to teach for character and raise good kids in a time of declining moral values. These valuable books invite kids and teens to explore and practice honesty, kindness, integrity, tolerance, respect, and more. Inspiring quotations, challenging dilemmas, activities, and true stories of real kids help students explore what they stand for at school, at home, and in their community. Students are encouraged to understand themselves better, develop the traits that are most important to them, and become their best selves.

For Kids
(Grades 2–6)
172 pages
DLWSK • $18
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For Teens
(Grades 5–12)
284 pages
DLWSF • $30
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Character Education Poster Set displayCharacter Education 15 Poster Set
Use these attractive 11" x 17" posters to teach your students the meaning of 15 of the most desirable character virtues. Each poster defines a virtue in words your students will understand. Motivate your students to be the best they can be. Decorate your classroom. Post all 15 around the classroom, create a character bulletin board, or keep the posters on a flip chart so you can flip to the virtue you want to spotlight for the week or month. Printed on durable poster paper.
PCE • $19
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A Cooperative Conflict Resolution Game

Colleen C. Uhl (All Grades)
Teach your students how to solve their own conflicts! Each team receives a set of Team Conflict Strips, each with a cooperative learning conflict scenario. Teams use Choice Cards to discuss and prioritize solutions to the conflict. Teams can generate their own conflict scenarios, use actual conflicts they encounter as they work together, and come up with their own choices to solve the conflicts. Each team also receives Personal Conflict Strips so students can work on the conflicts they face in "real life." Choices provides students with a positive model for dealing with conflicts, and equips them with a simple, valuable life skill—the power to choose! Includes enough games for nine teams.
MCUC • $20

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