Instant Engagement Software

Instant Engagement Software
Create engagement—instantly! Just add your own questions. Using game-like structures, Instant Engagement leads you and your students through step-by-step instructional strategies for review, thinking and discussion, idea generation, and problem solving. There are 3 different programs in this series: 1) Pair, 2) Team, and 3) Class. Each program includes three structures designed to cover the range of classroom objectives. Use Quiz-N-Show for pair review sessions to boost test scores in any subject. Use Mix-Pair-Share to have your students mix to the music and then pair up with a classmate to discuss the prompts you enter—from what they did last weekend to the Theory of Relativity. Use ThinkTank to promote higher-level thinking and in-depth discussions in teams about your curriculum. Learning becomes fun, not a chore with these inte ractive strategies. Good teaching is a snap! Whether you know and love Kagan Structures or you're just looking for a way to step up student engagement in your class, you now have the perfect tools to engage every student, every time. Get all 3 programs together and save big! Regular price $147. Combo price $119! CIE Save $28!


Software sold separately and as site licences.
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Class Structures • EIC $49
Pair Structure EIP $49
Team Structures EIT $49

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