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Team Structures Demo:

Use with: Open–ended thinking and discussion questions.
For example: People should not be allowed to patent their ideas.

This allows a person to have a monopoly. Do you agree or disagree? Why? The team becomes a think tank. One teammate is randomly selected to share his/her ideas. Another teammate is randomly selected to respond to the idea using the response cue displayed. The team conducts a discussion to explore the question or prompt in depth.
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Timed RoundRobin
Use with: Open–ended topics that encourage elaboration or questions with multiple possible solutions.
For example: Who would you name the person of the decade and why?

Teammates each receive an equal timed turn to share oral responses to the posted question or problem. One teammate is randomly selected to share first. When time's up, the next teammate takes a turn. Turns continue in sequence until everyone has shared.
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Instant Star
Use with: Right or wrong questions, review questions, or practice questions.
For example: What is the equation for the volume of a sphere?

Students independently write their own answers and signal when ready. A teammate is randomly selected to be the Instant Star. The Instant Star shares his/her answer with the team. The teacher reveals the correct answer for students to check. If correct they celebrate. If not, they coach.
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