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Pair Structures Demo:

Timed Pair Share
Use with: Open–ended thinking and discussion questions.
For example: What did you like most about the poem and why?

Students sit with a partner. One is Partner A and the other Partner B. One partner is selected to share with his/her partner for a predetermined time while the other partner listens. Then, partners switch roles.
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Use with: Short response questions or problems to which there are multiple possible responses or solutions.
For example: List elements from the Periodic Table.

Students sit with a partner. In pairs, students take turns responding orally to the posted question.
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Use with: Right or wrong questions, review questions, or practice questions.
For example: When was the Declaration of Independence adopted?

Students sit with a partner. Students each have a dry–erase board and a marker. (Or anything to write on and write with.) Students respond to the questions and show their answers to their partner.
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