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DecisionTools™ Software
Questioning and Decision-Making Tools for Teachers and Trainers

Do you ask your class or staff questions? How about take votes or try to reach consensus? Do you ever rank or prioritize ideas or items? If yes, then you’re in for a treat. All these group questioning and decision-making processes just got a whole lot more interesting and effective with this suite of visual tools. With 13 tools, you have the perfect tool for every group question and decision. When it’s time to take a vote, you enter the candidates or options in the Voting Booth and display them in an attractive interface for everyone to see. You display the results of your vote with beautiful graphs. DecisionTools gives you the power of class responders without the big price tag. Make a group decision without creating winners and losers using the Consensus Seeker. Rank ordering has never been more fun or fair. Individual or small group rankings are entered, then DecisionTools tabulates them to come up with a whole group ranking that respects everyone’s input. Display true/false, multiple choice, yes/no, or agree/disagree, and survey questions for your students or staff. Enter the results, and click the Go button. DecisionTools calculates the totals and percents and displays bar and pie graphs in vibrant colors. Everyone can see at a glance where the group stands. Brainstorm and prioritize ideas with an easy-to-use interface. Perform a Plus/Minus comparison by listing and rating the advantages and disadvantages of any idea. DecisionTools does the math and lets you know if the result is a Go, a No-Go or a tie. From super-simple yes or no decisions to sophisticated feature comparisons, DecisionTools has you covered! So many tools. So easy to use. For PC and Mac. ETD • $29

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13 Powerful Tools!
Polling Questions

Multiple Choice – Ask the class a multiple-choice question, and display the results.

Agree or Disagree – Pose an agree or disagree statement to the class, have them respond, and display the results.

True or False – Ask the class a true or false question, and display the results.

Survey – Pose a statement to the class on which they have differing opinions from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. Have them respond, and display the results.


Feature Comparison – Compare items by rating their features.

Cost/Benefit – Compare the dollar costs to the benefits of one idea or item to determine if the costs outweigh the benefits or vice versa.

Plus/Minus – Compare the positives to the negatives of one idea or item to determine if there are more positive or negative attributes.

Either/Or Comparison – Compare 3 or more options by comparing each option head-to-head with each other option.


Take a Vote – Vote on different options.

Consensus – Reach consensus as a group by allowing individuals or smaller groups to weigh in on their preferences.

Yea or Nay – Display a proposal for the group, have them respond Yea or Nay, then display the results.


Prioritize – Prioritize items on a list.

Rank – Rank order items by summarizing individual or small group ranks.