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Using DecisionTools™ with PowerPoint

Make DecisionTools Full Screen
Maximize the size of DecisionTools™ for your audience by running it full screen. Here's how:

• Full Screen: To view DecisionTools™ as a full screen, select View > Full Screen
(Shortcut keys: for PC: Control + F; for Mac: Command + F)
• Exit Full Screen: To exit Full Screen press the ESC key or repeat the full screen shortcut keys again.

Tab to Your DecisionTools (Mac)
To tab between DecisionTools™ and PowerPoint on the Mac in OS X:
Command + Tab

Tab to Your DecisionTools (PC)
For fast switching between DecisionTools™ and PowerPoint on the PC, Click Here to read a Tech Tip. This Tech Tip describes fast switching from TimerTools or SelectorTools to PowerPoint, but DecisionTools works the same way.

Hint: For presentations, quit any unnecessary applications to simplify locating the intended applications.

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