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Click on any link below to see a brief sample of Numbered Heads Together in action. Read the brief synopsis before you watch the video, so you can follow along. You can pause and re-start the video using the pause and play buttons at the bottom of the screen.

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Create A Game
From the main menu, click on New Game. Select whether you want to enter Questions Only or Questions & Answers. Enter your questions, each into its own question box. You're now ready to save or play your game.
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Play A Game
After you have entered your questions, click the Play button. This demo walks you step-by-step through 1 question as you would play Numbered Heads Together with your class.
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Import Questions
Here, we see how easy it is to copy and paste your own questions into the game. First, we click on New Game. Next, we decide what type of questions we want to import: Questions Only or Questions & Answers. Then, we click on the Import button. We copy our questions in a text editing software paste them in the import box of our game. Voilá, the imported questions are ready to save or play.
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Preview Questions
This video shows the two ways to preview and make changes to the questions you have entered. Previewing questions is helpful when you want to see (or change) how the questions will look on screen for students. We can preview all questions by clicking the Preview button. Or, we can focus on a specific question by clicking the number next to question. The video shows you both methods.
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Open Saved Game
This video shows you how to save your questions. Once they're saved, you just click on Saved Game from the main menu to open those saved questions. Pick which bank of questions your game is in: Questions Only or Questions & Answers. Then just click on the game and you're ready to play!
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