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Numbered Heads Together™ Software

The Quiz Show Game for Teams

Kagan Publishing (All Grades)

  • Reviews any curriculum in an exciting, game show format.
  • Easy to use software and class review game. Easy to input and save questions.
  • A great teamwork tool! Students enjoy putting their heads together to play and learn.
  • Virtually runs itself!
ENH • $29
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Product Reviews

Teacher reviews from Corbett Preparatory School of IDS in Tampa, FL.

  • Kids love game shows and playing along.
  • Program was great!
  • Kids love it and we have a good time. Thanks a lot!
  • I use it to review for social studies tests.
  • It's a great game and easy to make new games. My first graders enjoy anything that's a game - I just wish I could paste pictures in it for money and time games. I have made a money game using written amounts - 2 dimes and 4 nickels. I have also made a story problems game and a famous American game. I make the students write their answers on a white board, then compare them with their team. They must decide to keep their answer or change it.