Intermediate Literature

Higher-Level Thinking Questions

Judith Dillingham, Christa Chapman, and Laurie Kagan (Grades 4–8)

  • 16 intermediate literature stories including: By the Great Horn Spoon, The Cay, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlotte's Web, Manic Magee, and more!
  • Questions are provided in convenient reproducible question card format, perfect for engaging cooperative questioning and analytical thinking.
  • Includes reproducible prompts for journal writing and activities for student-generated questions.
  • Activities include Fan-N-Pick, Spin-N-Think, Mix Pair Discuss, RallyRobin, and more!
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Use your students' favorite literature books to develop their higher-level thinking skills. Includes over two hundred questions on favorites such as: Charlotte's Web, James and the Giant Peach, Little House on the Prairie, The Great Kapok Tree, and Sarah, Plain and Tall, plus 11 others! Stimulate your students' range of thinking skills with these ready-to-use questions: "Name the three most important reasons the animals gave the man not to cut down the Kapok tree. Why did you choose those three? If Charlotte had been a city spider instead of a farm spider, how would her life have been different? What might happen in the sequel to the story?" Questions are provided in convenient, reproducible, question card format, perfect for the engaging, cooperative questioning activities provided. Also includes reproducible prompts for journal writing and activities for student-generated questions. Release the power of higher-level thinking through your students' favorite books! 160 pages.

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Product Reviews

What a time saver! I could sit at home at night and come up with higher level thinking questions for all of the novels we read in class but WHY? I don't have to spend my time doing that when you have done it for me! YES! Finally, classroom materials that have multiple uses in classrooms.....not a one trick pony at all!

It is like you took the reading list of novels for the year and wrote this book just for me!! All I have to do is run off a set of questions for each team, have students cut them and we are ready to go! Then I can use all sorts of structures of Cooperative Learning to discuss the answers!

Reading classes are more lively and I am able to change the way I teach literature each day with the help of this book. You will never again hear one of my students say, "This is SOOOO boring!" NOT in my MY classroom!!!