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Classbuilding Questions

Miguel Kagan (All Grades)

  • 400 ready-to-use classbuilding questions you can use with two terrific classbuilding structures.
  • 20 question topics that students love to discuss.
  • Promotes working together in a positive environment.
  • Also great for brain breaks, classbuilding, and energizers.
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Create a fun and friendly classroom environment through positive classmate interactions. Students receive question cards with fun-to-discuss prompts. Students mix in the class, ask their classmates questions, and share their own responses. The activities are a great way to energize students, have fun, and get acquainted with their classmates. The activities transform the classroom from a group of strangers to a tight-knit classroom unit—the ideal environment for learning! Question topics include: Getting To Know You, Icebreakers, Sports, If…, and many more. You receive 20 sets of 20 question cards—400 in all. Question cards are also great for teambuilding, energizers, and brain breaks. 184 pages.

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