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American History

All Aboard!

Rickey Millwood, Diane Theo, Tracy Taylor (Grades 4–7)

  • History topics ranging from early exploration to the 21st Century.
  • 128 fun reproducible activities featuring the 8 intelligences that promotes critical thinking, teambuilding and engagement in the classroom.
  • 1,500 engaging activity ideas to get students excited about American History.
  • Helps build caring and cooperative teams.
  • Formative assessment questions are included at the end of each chapter.
  • Includes a timeline through American History.
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Take your students on a journey through American History. You'll find more than 1,500 activity ideas to engage your students' multiple intelligences for every period of U.S. history: from early exploration and colonization to entering the 21st Century. With 128 reproducible activities that span the eight intelligences, you'll have your students explore history from multiple perspectives while making the content accessible to your different learners. Students use vocabulary terms to write a story about cowboys and cattle drives, perform a Native American dance, compare and contrast the British and Continental Armies, pen a peace treaty after World War I, write a newspaper report on the death of President Lincoln, create a postage stamp on America's space program, draw a political cartoon about high gasoline prices, sequence events that led to the end of the Confederacy, do a team presentation on the Prohibition, create a timeline of New Deal programs. Includes formative assessment questions for each chapter to ensure students are "getting it." 224 pages.

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