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Emotion-Friendly Teaching

Increasing Achievement. Reducing Disruptions. Enhancing Motivation.

Dr. Spencer Kagan (All Grades)

  • Research-Based Tools to convert Emotion Science into formidable teaching
  • 100s of Teacher Tips and Student Activities
  • 33 Kagan Structures—Instructional Strategies to create the Emotion-Friendly Class
  • As an Emotion-Friendly teacher you will: Strengthen Memory, Increase Motivation, Raise Test Scores, Boost Problem Solving, Expand Creativity, Elevate IQ and EQ!
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Spencer has done it again! He’s written another must-have reference for all educators. Dr. Kagan has translated the enormous field of theory and research on emotions into a practical guide any teacher can use to make their teaching more emotion-friendly. Not only does he review the extensive research on how eliciting positive emotions boosts student achievement, Spencer provides plenty of do’s and don’ts, ready-to-use student activities, and simple tips to put students in the optimal emotional states for learning. Dr. Kagan introduces us to the Emotion Wheel, a student-friendly way to help our students understand and manage their own emotions. We not only learn why EQ can be more important than IQ to students’ success, Dr. Kagan provides a practical guide to developing the facets of EQ, including student self-knowledge, self-control, motivation, and empathy. And last, but definitely not least, we learn how to evoke emotion when we teach to make learning more meaningful and memorable. This book is your blueprint for creating the emotion-friendly classroom. 432 pages.

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