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Cooperative Meetings

Charting the Voyage Toward a Community of Leaders and Learners

Dr. Spencer Kagan, Karen Kettle, Don McLean, & Chris Ward (All Grades)

  • Exciting, ready-to-do classroom activities!
  • 11 Cooperative step-by-step structures with hundreds of content ideas.
  • Fosters a caring community of active learners!
  • Each student celebrates the diversity of every other classmate!
  • Over 120 reproducibles!

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Meetings are one of the few times that the faculty is together. When structured well, they become the royal road to creating a community of leaders and learners. This groundbreaking resource offers both a vision and map: It charts the course to building positive staff relationships, ongoing professional development among faculty, and empowers your faculty to make wise decisions.

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Table of Contents

For Teambuilding and to Create a Common Vision, use Team Statements.

For Decision Making, use Sum-The-Ranks.

Product Reviews

Review by Dr. Michael Fullan
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto
Foreword to Cooperative Meetings by Kagan, Kettle, McLean & Ward (Kagan, 2003)

Cooperative Meetings is a treasure chest of ideas, resources and activities for staff developers and others wishing to engage others in dynamic learning experiences. No other resource book exists that contains such a comprehensive set of strategies to enhance learning for all.

The four main sections of the book make the case for focusing on the right things, and then provide the resources for productive action. Section One contains six chapters for building relationships—what relationship building is; structures for teambuilding; structures for building community; how to develop cooperative skills; how to engage in initiative tasks; and a chapter on cooperative games. In each chapter, rationales are provided, as are case vignettes, learning techniques and activities, and references.

Section Two provides a similar array of resources focusing on developing as professionals, including chapters on "Learning to Learn Together," and "Structures for Professional Development."

The third section takes up decision-making—when to make decisions and how to make them.

The final section concerns the crucial issues of how to get started and keep going on the voyage of continuous learning.

Cooperative Meetings is chock full of exciting ideas. It is a highly usable and comprehensive guidebook and toolkit for focusing not only on the powerful themes of communities of leaders and learners, but also on the journey or voyage of how to move forward. All leaders interested in promoting and facilitating learning organizations will find this book invaluable; it is the kind of resource that can be used over and over again.

Review by Maureen Mulderig
Walberta Park Elementary

I just ordered and received Cooperative Meetings for my school. I can't begin to tell you how fantastic I think it is. I just finished looking through it and setting up the tabs and I am very excited about using it. It will be a fantastic resource!

Thanks again for the fantastic Cooperative Meetings book!