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Second Language Learning

Through Cooperative Learning

Julie High (All Grades)

  • Over one hundred fun, oral, and written activities!
  • Includes cooperative, communicative language acquisition strategies.
  • Dozens of vocabulary, speaking, writing, and grammar activities!
  • Boosts ESL and foreign language fluency!
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Your ESL and foreign language students will be talking right away! Students love this rich array of cooperative learning games, lessons, and activities. You will promote language acquisition through a communicative approach. The book includes sections on: co-op structures, social roles, getting to know you, making words mine, guided grammar experiences, writing skills, and lesson designs. 134 pages.

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Product Reviews

Julie High really hits the mark with this book! Second Language Learning through Cooperative Learning. It's so much more than than rote memorization. This book gives me the tools I need each day to teach a new language. Julie has figured out why kids learn so much English out on the playground as opposed to in class—they communicate with EACH OTHER! What a concept! This book builds on the idea that to lessen fear and risk among students is good for language learning.

Match Mine is one of my favorite structures and it was easy to learn from the book. I find pictures of vocabulary we are working on that week and have kids work in pairs to build what their partner has without looking....only spoken directions. This week, we worked on items in the kitchen and I used a blank picture of a kitchen and had them place the blender, microwave, refrigerator, dish, glass, etc. Not only are they learning new vocabulary in conversational English but getting great practice using prepositions like "up on the counter" and "to the left of the refrigerator, on the top of the cabinet...".

Many of my students come to me speaking little or no English and are very afraid. It is heartwarming to see them giggling and helping each other. This book showed me how to support this new step in their lives.