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Cooperative Learning
& High School Geometry

High School Activities

Becky Bride (Grads 8-12)

  • Designed and organized to reinforce Geometry concepts!
  • Students are actively engaged so they retain more, and achievement goes up!
  • By celebrated Math author, Becky Bride.
  • Includes exploratory activities that have students discover concepts and remember them!
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Make Geometry come alive using cooperative learning! In this book, you'll receive something you won't find in any textbook—HOW to teach Geometry successfully. You will find over 200 step-by-step activities to enhance Geometry exploration and mastery. In the process of working together through these carefully crafted activities, your students will learn more and enjoy Geometry more than you ever imagined possible! Topics covered: definitions, angles and lines, constructions, triangles, polygons and quadrilaterals, similarity, Pythagorean theorem and special right triangles, area, volume, and circles. Includes reproducible Geometry worksheets and blacklines for transparencies. 440 pages.

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