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TeamTools™ In Action

Click on any link below to see a brief sample of TeamTools in action. Read the brief synopsis before you watch the video, so you can follow along. You can pause and re-start the video using the pause and play buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Types of Teams

Create and Save Teams – This video shows you how easy it is to create and save new teams. First, we click the button to create heterogeneous teams. We didn't like the first team assignment, so we clicked the New Teams button for new team assignments. We liked that one better, so we clicked on Accept Teams. Then we save the teams as "My Teams," then return to the main menu.

Modify, Save, and Open Teams – Here, we learn how to modify teams, save the new teams, and open them for future reference. First we click the random button to create a random team. We move a few students around (by clicking on them then clicking where we want to move them) until we're happy. Then, we accept and save the teams. Finally we go to the main menu and show you how to open that saved team.

Sample Import – Here, we create a new class called "My Class" and import students into the class. After we import students, we click the button to create heterogeneous teams.

Excel Import – This video shows a class list imported from Excel using the Excel import file provided with the software. First we name the class, then click the Edit button. Then we click the Import button. We tab to our Excel file and copy the formatted cell. We paste that list into TeamTools. Lastly, we open our newly-imported class. The video is short, and so too is the process of importing your students from Excel.

List View – The list view is a printed list of each team and which students are on each team. Although we prefer printing the desk layout, some teachers prefer this black and white list sheet. This video will show you how to access the List View. Once there, you can make changes and print it for future reference.

Full Control Adjustments – TeamTools gives you full control over your teams. This video shows teams being modified in a number of ways. First, students are moved to different teams. Next, a student is re-named. And finally, a student is deleted and a new student is added in her spot.

Toggle Between Classes – This video shows you how to toggle between two different classes. A second class "Period 2" is added to the list of classes. Next, Period 2 is opened. Notice that there are only 18 students in that class and 5 teams. Then, class 1 "My Class" is opened. There are 10 teams in that class with 41 students. We toggle between the classes a few times so you can see how easy it is to switch between classes.


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