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Training Opportunities

Kagan Live Online Workshop

Team Kagan

To cite this article: Team Kagan. Kagan Live Online Workshop. San Clemente, CA: Kagan Publishing. Kagan Online Magazine, Issue #62. www.KaganOnline.com

Kagan Cooperative Learning
Kagan Structures for Engagement and Achievement!

For Educators of Grades K–12

Live Online Format Available as: Day 1, Day 2, or Days 1 & 2


This workshop is an online version of Kagan’s signature training, Kagan Cooperative Learning. Course materials are sent in advance to be distributed to participants. The training is conducted live by a Kagan Master Trainer over Zoom. Participants join the workshop using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. The interactive instructional strategies taught are for teachers to implement during classroom instruction when it is safe to return to school. Participants learn dozens of structures to boost engagement and learning for every student, every lesson.


  • Boost student learning and engagement with these powerful, proven strategies
  • Prevent bullying, violence, and discipline problems; create a cooperative, caring classroom
  • Pump up the fun, friendships, and liking for learning and each other; foster a full-inclusion class
  • See why group work simply doesn’t work for everyone, and why Kagan Structures do
  • Master the different types of pairs and teams, how to form them, and when to use them
  • Provide students the will to work together and the skills to do so successfully
  • Learn ten hot management tips to implement like a pro

Workshop Description...

Motivate and reach your most reluctant learners and enhance achievement of all learners with research proven, brain-friendly instructional strategies! Secondary and elementary teachers alike will increase engagement, boost test scores, and reduce the achievement gap. Build powerful learning teams in your classroom and use proven Kagan methods for team formation, management, thinking skills, presentation skills, and decision making. Teambuilding, classbuilding, communication skills, and social skills strategies provide social-emotional learning while delivering academic content. Join us to fill your toolbox with easy-to-use, full-engagement strategies that enhance student engagement and achievement. Teachers report the strategies immediately transform their teaching and accelerate student learning.

Rave Reviews...

“Can’t wait to try out the structures. Most engaging, worthwhile PD I’ve attended.”
— Jamie Gray, 3rd Grade Teacher

“This is the BEST professional development that I have had in the last 5 years!”
—Sharon Brooks, Principal

“It was phenomenal! I can’t wait to implement in my classroom. It was relevant for all grades and subject areas.”
—Nikki Williams, 9th –12th Grade Teacher

Host this Web Workshop

Contact Kagan’s Partnership Team to bring this Live Online workshop to your school or district:

Kagan’s Partnership Team
Call: 800.451.8495
Email: partnerships@KaganOnline.com
Inquiry: Click Here