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Learning to Laugh

Smuggling, Passwords, and Kindergarten

Caught Smuggling

A recent shipment of Learning Cubes was inspected by the Department of Homeland Security. Kagan was found guilty for smuggling student engagement.

A Long Password

At the recent Summer Academy at the Walt Disney World® Resort, a Kagan team member asked a Kagan Trainer for the password to her computer. She replied:


The team member asked, “Why such a long password?” The Kagan Trainer replied, “Kagan's IT Director told us that our passwords needed to be at least 6 characters and one capital!”

Passing Kindergarten

Family had gathered at our home to celebrate the end of the school year and my husband’s birthday. My oldest, who had just finished kindergarten, was visiting with her uncle. He asked her if she passed kindergarten. She replied, "Oh I didn't go past it. I went through it!"

Contributed by:
Trish Lewis
Title I Teacher Parochial Schools
USD #446 Independence, KS