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Team Kagan

Based on the popularity of social media, we are adding a new Social Media section to the Kagan Online Magazine. In this section, we will feature exciting social media news and posts. In this inaugural article, we’ll look at how to subscribe to Kagan’s social media, contests and giveaways, and Kagan’s official hashtag — #KaganStructures.

Social Media Platforms

Kagan posts content to the following social media platforms. Click on any of the icons below to go to Kagan’s official social media accounts.

Engage with Kagan and hear all the latest Kagan news. Learn about new products, special promotions, upcoming workshops, scholarships, free articles, videos, contests, and more. Plus, you can view the posts of enthusiastic teachers sharing how they use Kagan with their students. Here are few examples:

How to Subscribe to Kagan’s Social Media

You can subscribe to or follow Kagan by visiting any of the social media websites above. If you are using a social media app on your phone or tablet, you can find Kagan by entering the following account names in the app search bar:






Once you find Kagan, make sure to Subscribe on YouTube or Follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Contests and Giveaways

We frequently run contests that give our followers a chance to win great prizes! For example, here’s one contest we ran.

Here are some happy teachers who won some fantastic Kagan resources during recent social media contests.

Official Kagan Hashtag

Use #KaganStructures on your personal posts to share with Kagan and other educators how YOU use Kagan in the classroom! We love to repost your photos and videos of Kagan Structures in the classroom!

We look forward to engaging with you on social media and seeing your posts!