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Kagan Structures onDemand is the definitive source to master Kagan Structures online. Receive step-by-step instructions for each structure. Watch expert advice from Kagan’s team of trainers. Observe experienced Kagan teachers modeling the structures across the subjects and grade levels. There’s no better way to boost engagement in the classroom than Kagan Structures. Master Kagan Structures online with Kagan Kagan Structures onDemand!

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  • Fan-N-Pick
  • Find Someone Who
  • Inside-Outside Circle
  • Jot Thoughts
  • Mix-Pair-Share
  • Numbered Heads Together
  • Quiz-Quiz-Trade
  • RoundRobin
  • Showdown
  • Talking Chips
  • Team Interview
  • Timed Pair Share
  • RallyCoach
  • RallyRobin
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It's All About Engagement!