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A+ Anecdotes

Team Celebrations, Straight Outta Kagan, and Happy Birthday

Team Celebrations

From: Therese McGee
To: Rachel Treaster
Subject: Kagan at Work

Dear Rachel,

My name is Therese McGee. I was a participant in the Orlando Kagan Summer Academy course on Elementary Literacy that you taught in July. It was a fabulous experience.

I wanted to share some photos with you of my students doing Team Celebrations! Nebraska Loves Public Schools is creating a short documentary on my school. While they were taping in my room, my students were engaged in a Quiz-Quiz-Trade activity for a reading/vocab review. At the end of each round they celebrated! The filmmakers couldn’t get enough of the Team Celebrations. They loved the team hug—sadly, I didn’t get a photo of that one!

Thank you for a great summer training!

Therese McGee

Straight Outta Kagan

Laura Duhon, teacher education instructor at Texas State, writes to Spencer…

Dr. Kagan,
These are Texas State University Teacher Fellows (first year Teacher/graduate students). They had these “Straight Outta Kagan” t-shirts made because of their passion for your work and the power on teaching and learning.
Thank you,

Happy Birthday

If you want loving birthday cards from your students, you may want to consider letting them “play” Mix-Pair-Share too.