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Tampa Day School Featured in the News

To cite this article: Team Kagan, Tampa Day School Featured in the News. Kagan Online Magazine, Issue #61. San Clemente, CA: Kagan Publishing. www.KaganOnline.com

Tampa Day School in Tampa Bay, Florida, was featured by the news show Good Day Tampa Bay. Kagan Cooperative Learning is a focus of Tampa Day School.

On their website, they describe why they chose Kagan to maximize student engagement:

Kagan Cooperative Learning

Kagan Cooperative Learning is used to increase engagement, build social skills needed for collaboration, and ensure equal participation. Don’t expect quiet, passive learning in this school. It is commonplace to see students out of their seats, mixing around the class, and engaged in academic discussions. The use of structures improves social skills, encourages students to collaborate as a team, and facilitates connection with classmates. When cooperative learning is coupled with direct instruction, there is a profound impact on student achievement.

The following clip shows a sampling of how Tampa Day School uses Kagan Structures.