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A+ Anecdotes


Teachers write Kagan letters of appreciation for the powerful impact their Kagan training had on them and their students…

Christi Brown

From: Tonya Johnson
To: Christi Brown

Hello Christi,

I came back to school and immediately changed the way I am teaching. I assigned their seats. I introduced what activities we are going to participate in and what they look like. I also gave them "the hand in the air" signal to come to silence and attention to me. WOW! I can not tell you how just this one item has changed my students. But it gets even better.

After the introductions, we played triangle tag. My 9th graders were laughing so hard watching me model this with a group of students. When the music started, they were focused on their team and playing. When the music stopped, they automatically switched. We only played for a minute and a half. When I called them to silence and had them take their seats, the smiles were so invigorating to see. I had so much quiet that we went through the first ten minutes of the lesson. It was so easy to include a RallyRobin or a RoundRobin. I believe I taught only twenty minutes total but the students were getting the information. Holy Moly, Touchdown! The best part is they left with a smile from Algebra class.

My classes were so involved that they didn't notice we were there for 45 minutes. They were giving praises on their own! Better still, I wasn't feeling frustrated and angry. I feel so great! I went and sang praises for Kagan Structures with everyone near my class. I even started being goofy teaching. I gave lots of high fives and fist bumps in the hall with my students.

Thank you so much for being such a great presenter. I super enjoyed the conference, even when I stepped out of my comfort zone. I even practiced smiling in the mirror last night!

Mrs. Tonya Johnson
Math Dept. Head
Algebra I
Iowa Park High School

Dr. Spencer Kagan

From: Delanna Thomas
To: Dr. Spencer Kagan

Dear Dr. Kagan,

After teaching for twenty years, I found myself counting the years until I could retire. Eight more years—I was never going to make it. Then, by chance, I attended a 1-day workshop on Accelerating Achievement. I was blown away. I needed to know more. So I went to the Winter Academy in Las Vegas one month later. I was on fire!  My students were so excited when I came back and started using Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures. I love teaching again! Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for teachers and our students.

Delanna Thomas
4th Grade Teacher
Milam Elementary School

Dr. Vern Minor

From: Casey Hendricks
To: Dr. Vern Minor

Dr. Minor,

My name is Casey Hendricks.  I attended the Kagan Workshop in Pineville, Louisiana, this past summer.  I would like to thank you for providing a wonderful week of training.  Before the training, I was not a fan of Kagan stategies.  However, the way you presented the material made it relevant and enjoyable.  It is because of your training that I scored  "highly effective" as a teacher on my Common Core/Compass classroom instruction evaluation this school year.  I can't thank you enough and would love to attend another of your training sessions.  I feel like I needed to share that with you.

Again... THANK YOU!!!!

Casey Hendricks
NSU Middle Lab School
Social Studies Department Head
Head Football Coach - Magnet/Lab