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What Participants Are Saying

★    ★★    ★★★    ★★★★    ★★★★★
(1-Weak... 5-Strong)

Bill Stater

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
St. Thomas, VI • October 18, 2019

“Bill is awesome! The content was delivered clearly and enthusiastically. The workshop itself is an exemplary example of the strategies; it is structured and fun! He made the experience fun, and I'm looking forward to more trainings like this. Mr. Stater, you are exceptional!”
—Maria Gapay, 7th Grade Special Ed. Teacher

Brain-Friendly Teaching Day 1
Youngsville, LA • December 2, 2019

“Bill was energetic, entertaining, and made learning meaningful—very knowledgeable. He used various methods to teach strategies and ways to incorporate them in the classroom.”
—Myra Guillot, K-5th Grade Teacher

Christi Brown

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Stretch & Review
Crowley, TX • November 15, 2019

“I loved Christi’s energy! It was hard to not get excited about learning, and that makes training so much easier! Great instructor, great teacher!”
—Jacob Deitz, 8th Grade STEM Science Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Rapid City, SD • November 25, 2019

“Christi is so fun and knowledgeable! She provides relevant examples and modeled each strategy. Her enthusiasm in contagious.”
—Kristie Tays, 3rd Grade Teacher

Dr. Daren Harris

Presenter Rating:

Brain-Friendly Teaching Day 1
Fort Wainwright, AK • November 11, 2019

“Daren did an excellent job! Definitely informative and very helpful. No matter whether you’ve thought for 20 years or 1, all of his info was very helpful.”
—Anita Shackles-Miller, Kindergarten Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 2
Youngstown, OH • November 25, 2019

“Daren was knowledgeable and very respectful of our time. He kept the workshop moving and made sure we got up to move frequently; I feel I learned a lot today!”
—Dawn Rhoads, 6-8th Grade Intervention Specialist

Elia Chesnoff

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 2
Orlando, FL • November 9, 2019

“Elia explained clearly the strategies in a fun and interactive way. It was an awesome way to spend a Saturday, learning and implementing new ways to encourage student engagement.”
—Elise Cruz, 1st Grade Teacher

English Language Learners Day 1
McKinney, TX • November 13, 2019

“Elia was great. Very entertaining, and I was engaged the whole workshop. I don’t know that I have EVER been able to say that before.”
—Sandra Vargesko, K-5th Grade ESL Teacher

Dr. Jackie Minor

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Sun Valley, CA • August 8, 2019

“Dr. Jackie Minor is extremely knowledgeable and speaks with confidence and experience. She has great poise and delivers content with enthusiasm. Time went by without me noticing. I am grateful she was the one to come to and train us.”
—Fanny Adnitt, 4th Grade Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Days 1 & 2
Houston, TX • November 13–14, 2019

“Jackie is very knowledgeable about the content. She was helpful and very easy to understand. This is my second time taking this training, and this is the first time that I can leave with the tools I am confident in trying right away!”
—Phantaja Hoskins, 3rd Grade Teacher

Jeff Dane

Presenter Rating:

English Language Learners Day 1
Skokie, IL • January 24, 2020

“Jeff was great! He was able to share his knowledge on Kagan Strategies and Structures. He was very positive!”
—Celeste Ayala, 3rd-5th Grade EL Teacher

“Jeff is knowledgeable and entertaining. I enjoy the personal anecdotes! I felt his passion and appreciate his wisdom and enthusiasm!”
—Emily Brodsky, 6-8th Grade EL Teacher

Kris Osthoff

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Whittier, CA • October 9, 2019

“Kris was friendly, professional, and easy to talk with. She was knowledgeable about the content/strategies/structures and made it applicable to different grade levels/subjects.”
—Marion Lam, 7-8th Grade Special Education Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 5
Hebron, KY • November 21, 2019

“Kris did an excellent job of explaining and leading each of the activities that we took part in. Everything was clear and concise and easy to do.”
—Greg Moore, K-5th Grade Physical Education Teacher

Melissa Wincel

Presenter Rating:

Thinking Skills 2-Day
Chula Vista, CA • November 25–26, 2019

“I loved Melissa. She answered all of our questions with confidence and knowledge. She made the training, fun and I was never bored! What an amazing woman!”
—Jessica Albano, 4th Grade Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Washington, UT • December 9, 2019

“Melissa was so positive and engaging; she gave us a toolbox filled with tools that I have confidence to begin using immediately!”
—Joy Sorenson, 2nd Grade Teacher

Rachel Treaster

Presenter Rating:

Brain-Friendly Teaching Day 1
Salina, KS • November 5, 2019

“Wonderful! Rachel was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fun. I would definitely want to attend another session with her. Thanks for a great day!”
—Beth Eilert, 3rd Grade Teacher

Kagan Structures for Little Ones Day 2
Somersworth, NH • November 8, 2019

“Rachel was very dynamic and engaging, extremely knowledgeable. Loved how she shared ideas relevant to every grade level and teacher content.”
—Jolene Francoeur, K-2nd Grade ESOL Teacher

Dr. Rick DuVall

Presenter Rating:

Transform Your High-Risk Classroom Day 1
Omaha, NE • November 9, 2019

“Rick was absolutely AMAZING! I don’t think I was bored at all! He was very knowledgeable on the topic and more than willing to help. One of the best Kagan classes I’ve ever taken!”
—Ashley Kletke, K-5th Grade Counselor

Kagan Cooperative Learning Days 2 & 3
Fairfield, OH • December 10–11, 2019

“Rick is engaging, dedicated, and knowledgeable. He makes our learning and understanding priority and end goal—and it shows. One of the best trainers I have ever had.”
—Crystal Burke, 9th Grade ESL and English Teacher

Rob Jutras

Presenter Rating:

Accelerating Achievement Day 1
Tallahassee, FL • October 29, 2019

“Rob was funny, clearly passionate, and extremely helpful. He presented information in a clear manner that made the material easy to understand.”
—Savannah Farris, 3rd Grade Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Mebane, NC • January 3, 2020

“Absolutely amazing! He knows what it is like to be in a classroom! He is very easy to understand and fun to listen to. I would love to take more workshops from him.”
—Kristi Parker, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Dr. Spencer Kagan

Presenter Rating:

Emotion-Friendly Teaching Days 1 & 2
Dallas, TX • January 19–20, 2020

“What an honor to hear Dr. Kagan speak and learn from such a master! Equally impressive was Elia; what a joy to learn from an instructor who is so well spoken, knowledgeable, and playful!”
—Sheri Sutton, Kindergarten Teacher

Tom Finegan

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Days 1 & 2
Los Angeles, CA • November 25–26, 2019

“Fin was excellent because he infuses real-world applications for the structures in the classroom. He is relatable and professional.”
—Kisha Griggs, Instructional Coach

“Fin had great energy, extremely knowledgeable, and gave such relatable stories/examples. Learning these structures the past 2 days helped me really understand what to use these for. I felt inspired!”
—Stephanie Santos, 4th Grade Teacher

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Fairbanks, AK • November 11, 2019

“Fin was very organized and had great calm and clear directions throughout the day. It was truly FUN—I laughed and I learned.”
—Kristy Parrish, PK-6th Grade Principal

Tom Searl

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Cody, WY • October 14, 2019

“Tom was awesome! His ability to relate to our staff and bring to light the cooperative learning components was terrific.”
—Kelly Merager, 6-8th Grade Principal

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Sahuarita, AZ • November 21, 2019

“Tom was very engaging! My attention was focused on the content the whole time since he was using the structures. He did a great job at explaining how the structures cab be applied in PreK-2nd grade.”
—Katherine Ratliff, 1st Grade Teacher

Kagan Win-Win Discipline Day 1
Sahuarita, AZ • November 22, 2019

“Tom was so concise, passionate, knowledgeable, and authentic presentation and pacing. Love the instruction intertwined with actual application.”
—Ann Fullerton, 3rd Grade Teacher

Dr. Vern Minor

Presenter Rating:

Kagan Cooperative Learning Day 1
Sioux Falls, SD • November 25, 2019

“Vern was the best ‘PD Person’ I have seen in my 17 years. He clearly believes and practices what he preaches. I love the enthusiasm!”
—Maria Nei, Special Education Instructional Coach

Kagan Coaching
Dallas, TX • January 20, 2020

“His knowledge is mind blowing. He makes you want more! He wants to share the good, the bad, and even the ugly! He wants everyone to be BETTER!”
—Jessica Musgraves, 4th Grade Teacher