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Where in the World is Kagan

Kagan Structures Around the Globe

The idiom says: “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” These pictures of Kagan Structures in action across the globe convey the esscence of Kagan: Full engagement for all.


Parents using Kagan Structures during Back-to-School Night.


Kindergarteners participate in Primary Interview.
The “interviewer” uses a microphone to interview his partner.

Why are many homes in the Amazon built on stilts?
Students use Mix-Pair-Share to share ideas!

St. Charles, Missouri

High School students learn using Quiz-Quiz-Trade.

Seoul, South Korea

Who Am I? Students ask questions to discover their hidden identities.

Westminster, California

Families experience Inside-Outside Circle during Family Literacy Night.

Bear, Delaware

Kiddos enjoying the sunshine while practicing allocation methods using Quiz-Quiz-Trade.

Kyle, Texas

Students play Match Mine to practice triangle vocabulary.


Students learn and tutor in pairs with Sage-N-Scribe.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Students in music class identify rhythms of measures
with whole, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 notes and rests using RallyCoach.


Students play Fan-N-Pick. “Pick a card, any card.”