Summer Academy 2019

July 8-19 at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida

Bookmark and ShareThinking Skills: Kagan Structures to Develop and  Engage 15 Thinking Skills! July 13-14, 2019 All Grades

Rethink thinking. Kagan Thinking Skills Structures give you a two-for-one. While improving engagement and retention of your academic content, students master a differentiated thinking skills curriculum! Forget designing special thinking skills lessons. Implement Kagan’s 15 Thinking Skills Model as part of any lesson! Prepare your students for the information explosion with a dozen simple structures for categorizing, brainstorming, deducing, inducing, summarizing, shifting perspective, calculating, symbolizing, problem solving, predicting, synthesizing, and more. Boost engagement and achievement in your regular academic content. Discover structures that inspire, demand, and develop the range of thinking skills. It’s easy with Kagan Structures! WS# 27901

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  • Explore the 15 most fundamental thinking skills
  • Jump-start students' critical and creative thinking
  • Prepare students for a rapidly changing world
  • Generate higher-level thinking among all students
  • Integrate thinking skills across your curriculum, in every lesson
  • Strengthen students' analytical skills
  • Enhance synergy with cooperative brainstorming
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  • Thinking Skills Course Workbook
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