Summer Academy 2021

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Secondary Social Studies

Total Engagement with Kagan Structures!

July 9-10, 2020 Grades 6-12

Sorry, this event has been CANCELLED!
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Whether you teach American or World History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, or Psychology, you will increase engagement in your classes when you start using powerful Kagan Structures. Foster participation, excitement, and accountability. Learn different ways to organize your classroom, and a dozen management tips! Align your teaching with NCSS Standards. Today’s students crave a high level of stimulation, and Kagan Structures are the solution. With the structures in place, you tap students’ intrinsic motivation to explore their world. Have students experience the power of participatory democracy with cooperative decision making. Make history come alive by unleashing the power of student-to-student interaction. When you use Kagan’s active learning strategies, your students learn more and enjoy class more. Teaching becomes a pleasure. WS# 30338


  • Transform your classes from teacher-centered to student-centered
  • Learn powerful and proven structures for secondary social studies
  • Create total engagement through multi-structural lessons
  • Move beyond textbooks with highly structured student dialogue
  • Teach students to analyze and describe events like never before
  • Experience first-hand how to manage and use team and pair structures
  • Make the social sciences come alive with unforgettable, interactive structures

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