Summer Academy 2023

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Memory-Friendly Teaching

Teaching the Ways Brains Naturally Remember!

July 21–22, 2022
All Grades

How do we make learning stick? Successful teaching is creating lasting memories for academic content and skills. But too often, our students struggle to remember what we have taught. Based on decades of memory research, this game-changing workshop helps you create unforgettable learning. Learn exactly what memory is, how we remember, and why we forget. Explore the 7 must-know memory systems for teachers. When we know which system is responsible for which kind of memory, we can target the system that naturally remembers the content we’re trying to teach. For each memory system, you will learn memory-friendly tools, strategies, and structures to help you engage students and cement each type of learning. Become a memory-friendly teacher with this workshop you won’t soon forget! WS# 33758

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  • Explore the 7 most important memory systems for classroom teachers
  • Cement student learning and facilitate recall with research-based memory tools
  • Understand the difference between working memory and short-term memory
  • Tap into your students’ natural social cognition memory system 
  • Distinguish semantic curriculum from procedural curriculum and how to teach each
  • Learn why episodes are so easy to remember and how to create classroom episodes 
  • Expand your students’ capacity to remember academic knowledge
  • Understand your brain and your students’ brains better
  • Learn the Kagan approach to using classic mnemonic devises

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Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort
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Check-in: 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–4:00 pm

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Rave Reviews

workshop photo

“Every educator needs this workshop.”

—Trudy Fore, Teacher

“The content was outstanding and the presenter was excellent. He kept everything moving and was very engaging.”

—Ryan Day, Principal

“Every aspect of this training was amazing! I have no regrets about giving up a long holiday weekend to complete this professional development.”

—Miriya Julian, Teacher

“Wonderful and useful. Totally mind blowing and relevant to everything we do as educators.”

—Samantha Marchant, Teacher

“This Memory-Friendly Kagan workshop will leave you feeling like you are able to empower all of your students!”

—Amir Martinez-Orendain, 2nd grade Teacher

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