Summer Academy 2022

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Instructional Coaches

Powerful Coaching Techniques for Coaching Any Content!

July 20–21, 2022
All Grades

If you coach any type of instruction, this is the course for you! You will work side-by-side with your colleagues to master the two sides to effective coaching: 1) Establishing the relationship that opens teachers to constructive input, and 2) Training critical teaching skills. You master specific ways to support and encourage your teachers, establish a same-side relationship based on trust and credibility. In addition, you master specific coaching skills applicable to any content: How and when to 1) intervene and/or model; 2) increase formative assessment; 3) align techniques to targets; 4) help teachers acquire powerful communication tactics; 5) manage time; 6) provide powerful, motivating, reflective feedback; and 7) assess which management techniques to share. Whether you are new to instructional coaching, or a seasoned coach, you will up your coaching game tremendously and have fun in the process! WS# 33761

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  • Master coaching skills A to Z
  • Radically transform the coaching process
  • Have teachers begging for more coaching
  • Know what to coach and what not to coach
  • Work with colleagues from around the world
  • Train critical teaching skills regardless of content
  • Become the coach of your dreams

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Hilton in the Walt Disney World® Resort
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Check-in: 8:00 am
Course: 8:30 am–4:00 pm

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Rave Reviews

“Being an Instructional Coaching teacher, it was wonderful to attend a workshop where a teaching strategy was being taught that I can use in MY classrooms with MY content!”

—Emily, 5th & 6th Grade General Instructional Coaching Teacher/Choir Director

“As an Instructional Coaching teacher, some trainings/workshops are not that useful but Kagan training always challenges me to try new structures in my classroom.”

—Becky Routh, Elementary Instructional Coaching Teacher

“This workshop was creative, informative, and fun! It was relative to my content and easy to implement.”

—Stella Inyamah, Instructional Coaching Teacher

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